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Thread: Forum Financial Update, 1st Qtr 2013

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    Forum Financial Update - 2nd Quarter 2013

    Forum Financial Update 2nd Quarter 2013

    Hi everyone. I'm the new Treasurer and I'm learning about the Financials of the New Roadmap Foundation. I'm Diane, live in Northern CA with my 2 specials needs adult sons and my husband. I quit fulltime work in 2010 and we're financially independent and enjoying it immensely. I still work; I have a part time financial planning business and do other things. I love this program and feel honored to be participating in the Board work. Here I go with my first report:

    Second Quarter Donations were $870.00.

    Second Quarter Expenses:

    Website Maintenance: $235.99
    Internet Hosting: $114.15
    Bank Fees: $ 40.94 (mostly PayPal fees)
    Total Expenses: $391.08

    Net $478.92

    Thank you for your generous donations. I'm happy to be a part of Simple Living Forums.

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    Thank you Diane for the update, and your upbeat attitude!

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