After a LONG (read: since adolescence) hiatus from embroidery, I want to get back into it again. I found a quote that I would like to embroider onto a piece of cloth, to make it into a framed picture. I did up a Word document using the font, color, and spacing I want to use for the piece, but now I'm stumped. How do I get the thing transferred onto a piece of cloth so I know where to embroider? I don't want to use cross-stitch, but other stitches than will allow me to create a typeset/font look, like in newsprint.

Any suggestions? I've been so far gone from embroidery that I only have dim memories of doing pieces from pre-printed kits, which provided a pre-stencilled canvas, the right colors of embroidery floss, and an instruction sheet, so I've never "free-styled" before!

Thanks in advance, everybody!