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Thread: March Declutter or 100 items

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    My CD drawer is now 1/3 empty, still several 100 CDs to go. (Does anybody actually buy CDs these days or have big collections on display like in the "old" days [1990s]? I am ripping ones I want to keep the music, but mostly just donating them to the downstairs lobby where they all are quickly snapped up. I could try selling them but it is mostly pop music (I keep the hard-to-find jazz/folk etc.) which I am sure is pretty much worthless. At the end, I will have another drawer to put more junk in (hopefully not).

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    78. Table and 6 chairs (sold via craigslist)
    77. DH brought home an espresso maker someone gave him. we'll see how much we use it or it'll go away
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    My local cat rescue group needed pillowcases and bedding, so I gave them a ripped flannel sheet and a bunch of old pillowcases (not sure why I had so many old pillowcases, so I'm glad someone needed them).

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    Another FAIL. At 58 on the fourth of March, I felt off to a great start. Nothing has happened in the decluttering area since then.

    I would LOVE to declutter the snow scoop and shovel but we had another blizzard yesterday. I can't even get to the compost bin yet. Lots of stuff hitting the garbage that should not.

    I guess 58 items is not a fail. Exactly.

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