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  1. How close is your family?
  2. Grieving over teens who have retreated into their own world
  3. Questions about Medicaid parent who died
  4. Caregiving--Exhausting!
  5. Funny video about the facts of life
  6. I am hopping mad and want to do something about this!!
  7. Putting down a pet
  8. ahhh teens
  9. So nice!
  10. Good books on grieving after death of a friend?
  11. Toxic family dynamic
  12. Are inheritances a common thing?
  13. my latest and greatest idea
  14. daughter's relationship
  15. dh challenges guys to watch 1 hour less of sports
  16. Struggling with my dad, who has Alzheimer's
  17. Tradd and the new feller :)
  18. Good gifts for baby?
  19. Job Posting for New Moderators / Administrators
  20. Instrumental music
  21. I'm Getting Married!
  22. Ways to Acknowledge a Family Member's Death
  23. Tricking Those Tricky Teenagers
  24. question about interactions with teacherrs
  25. How does an adult end up in a group home?
  26. Stoopit neighbor with aggressive dog
  27. Tweens
  28. Disengaging while Loving Difficult Stepchildren?
  29. My Neighbor...
  30. dad took her for a week
  31. Everything okay Tradd
  32. Middle school rants
  33. teens and taking away driving
  34. Sad Day
  35. Egyptian family
  36. Calling all INTROVERTS!
  37. DIAPERS. (What was the process in your home as to choosing)?
  38. Good News
  39. little progress with the kids,...
  40. Leaving Behind Journals for Children
  41. Update on my dad, who has Alzheimer's
  42. MIL dilemna
  43. my best friend's funeral (today)
  44. Toilet training. (What age in your home)?
  45. INTROVERTS...a Question About PROCESSING
  46. Step-son refuses to work or attend school...
  47. Bucket List?
  48. My daughter made a good choice
  49. I may be a, rhymes with witch
  50. Any winter people out there?
  51. Montessori education: is it good for introverted kids?
  52. How to deal with jealosy... vent, I guess
  53. Laugh if you must
  54. Children from previous relationships
  55. When friends break up
  56. Here's another rant thread
  57. Funeral expenses
  58. son is not taking medication
  59. Books that validate my choice in being a homemaker--motivating/inspirational books?
  60. "We met on the train."
  61. I Stood My Ground
  62. Puzzled and hurt
  63. Inexpensive vacation rental on Maui?
  64. Green Lunches And Snacks For School
  65. I am becoming sooo much smarter
  66. Test to see if baby is going to be premature came back positive
  67. Family Member's Health Issues
  68. Started home schooling
  69. I am ashamed of my mother.
  70. Aging with grace.... life transitions
  71. Discussing Sexuality with an 11 year old daughter.
  72. dealing with passive aggressive spouse
  73. My latest rant re neighbours, DH and the overall weirdness life with medical pot
  74. we screwed up
  75. and for the good news
  76. Discipline. (Growing up and as a parent).
  77. simplifying relationships (need help staying in contact with friends)i am introvert
  78. We lost our cat...
  79. relationships with 'opposite'
  80. Is It Really Possible To Change One's Hardwiring? Long....
  81. Childhood sleepovers.
  82. PetSmart cooked the dog--tragedy
  83. after losing my mind
  84. Angry people on the internet
  85. a-ha
  86. Fighting Ants Without Hurting Household Pests?
  87. Kid funnies!
  88. Guess where I went?
  89. Old-school/modern child-reading thoughts Re: motherhood/fatherhood.
  90. OK all you moms out there (young/old), let's get-together and unite!
  91. Thoughts on the passing of my dad's friend
  92. Father/daughter tension
  93. Question for you Vegans
  94. Latest update on my dad, who has Alzheimer's
  95. sister passed away
  96. Perfect dog, perfect family
  97. unwanted invites- gift or no gift
  98. Friends on the verge of divorce
  99. Ways to Stop Cat from Peeing on Bath Mat?
  100. Sunday Morning Blues
  101. Baby powder. (Old moms, new moms, expecting moms).
  102. Less than two days to go!
  103. He's here!
  104. New babies and teaching older siblings the how-to's of baby care.
  105. Homeschooling Chit Chat
  106. It's a...
  107. I got lucky!
  108. Free access to Civil War records- genealogy
  109. People telling of their bad experiences with other people
  110. opinions; neighbors dog is using our area as a poop station;
  111. How to handle a friendship being ruined by an out of control child. Sorry, it's long
  112. DSIL
  113. How do you show love?
  114. Simple/frugal baby nursery.
  115. ahdh help
  116. Visiting step-daughter!
  117. I hate, with a passion, waking people up in the morning
  118. okay she ran
  119. DD got a job!
  120. Discussing marriage
  121. Stalker Victim Support
  122. Explaining cousin relationships
  123. Weird morality question, sorry it is long
  124. Transgender relative
  125. Bad Cat!
  126. Mid-life sucks!
  127. Have to brag on my son a little..............
  128. Close friend attempted suicide
  129. Black Sheep?
  130. These days I feel like telling everybody off!
  131. Yet another thread on moving away from toxic friends
  132. Kate's colors?
  133. Being "real"
  134. Ahhhhh... music
  135. A new chance... a new dream very long
  136. Wedding sadness when there should be joy. (long but an update)
  137. Open casket at funeral for a still born baby?
  138. Quality Time, Redefined
  139. Simple Bad News
  140. Combatting Gossip
  141. Father/daughter follow up
  142. Kid who wrecks stuff
  143. not taking meds
  144. The value and importance and tradition of the baby crib.
  145. What makes you unique?
  146. Where do you stand on home improvement?
  147. Had a surprise party for my birthday
  148. Pets - what does your cat do that is unique or funny
  149. Bottle-feeding versus breastfeeding.
  150. EC (elimination communication) versus diapers.
  151. Pinning diapers, the process of...
  152. Baby bottle warmers.
  153. Bumper pads (cribs).
  154. My friend killed himself
  155. RIP Dear Kitty
  156. Home alone...
  157. Date night!
  158. Frustrated with DH who is too generous with others
  159. I totally love my kinda sort boyfriend
  160. Update on the wedding, which could have been a problem.
  161. Merged Kitty Household - Jealousy issues? What to do
  162. poor old dog
  163. Airlines are out of control!
  164. holding the line as a single mom
  165. My friend brought the new lover to an event...
  166. Etiquette of Spilled Wine
  167. Gifting question?
  168. Need love advice!
  169. Gifted children, yay?
  170. Finished my Master's Degree!
  171. what's gotten into dh- radio programs?
  172. Advice on Airplane Travel With an Infant?
  173. Father's Day -- possibly our last
  174. Guy stalking me at public events
  175. young adults living at home
  176. Family - honesty or "white lie" (LONG)
  177. Super Awesome Kid's Toys!
  178. Worrying when my kids are traveling.............
  179. Dealing with 'talkers'
  180. Carving Out Time For Your Own Little Family On Holidays (Longish)
  181. what to say to alcoholic friend whose offered to drive me home from a party?
  182. Would you acknowleged some one who you used to know if you saw them pan-handling?
  183. The end of gender?
  184. Ways to honor a faraway friend who's died
  185. Considering Breaking ties with Family Member - Insensitive message
  186. ex's wedding, feeling a little bad for my kids
  187. in gratitude for your kindness
  188. friends and boundaries
  189. Experiences with Shutterfly or Other Picture-Sharing Sites?
  190. My aunt died last night
  191. just don't like doing things by myself
  192. The medium chill
  193. The End of Child Support
  194. Toys without lights?
  195. the temporary nature of things
  196. Is she interested or just being friendly?
  197. How do you tell the diff between bipolar and moody?
  198. ending long term friendships
  199. Pets and kids out of control
  200. Spin Off: On Slowing Down
  201. Surrounding yourself with like minded friends...
  202. Adoption. Is it in you? Could you adopt? (If you had to, if it came to adopting)?
  203. Our family- and earth-friendly abode in Vermont--at last!
  204. My cat is two faced
  205. Draining work relationship
  206. Help me to not hate my neighbor
  207. Cat in a box
  208. my zoe
  209. Brainstorm with me? Ideas for "Colonial Crafts" project for 4-H
  210. 50 ways to make small talk when you just don't care
  211. Etiquette when living on a golf course
  212. Wills, trusts and preparing for the worst -- how did you handle it?
  213. Would you buy a house with a relative?
  214. Former co-worker killed yesterday
  215. What do you expect when people come visiting?
  216. building community for my teen
  217. Declining family events because of...well, money
  218. do men talk?
  219. Disengaging from stepkids: a long and hopeful update
  220. Extreme resentment toward DH right before period
  221. Allowance for Children
  222. Is it me...or is this rude?
  223. Need Personal Space!
  224. Moodiness to affection? - need solution
  225. so we broke up
  226. Gift giving dilemma - children
  227. I Called Child Protective Services Today On My Neighbor
  228. Cat problems, help please!
  229. Mom in Hospice
  230. Cats And Conserving Water
  231. High School Expenses
  232. if you tend to use a silent treatment
  233. Longevity of Marriage
  234. Shelties?
  235. for the highly empathic
  236. Problems of unwanted youth, unmarried, social breakdown
  237. he is talking to me
  238. Necessary tests or big bill?
  239. Doggy Dentistry
  240. Do I want to be friends with this person?
  241. She's Here!
  242. Sharing domestic chores
  243. hope?
  244. 14 yo wants to make custody decision
  245. Penniless parenting.
  246. When it comes to babycare...
  247. just giving up being independant
  248. What fun things would you do with your 16 year old son for the next 3 years before he
  249. Funny traditions of your and your spouse or SO
  250. What to bring in a backpack to celebrate an engagement?