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  1. Architectural Eye Candy
  2. What is something you'd give up to simplify your home?
  3. Heat Died
  4. Where are housing prices going?
  5. Heating costs? Property taxes?
  6. Refinancing with HARP - have you done this?
  7. Dream house, Flop House, or no house?
  8. House for sale
  9. Where to find a cheap travel trailer not extremely old?
  10. retirement home ?
  11. Blown-in insulation
  12. Central FL retirement home for sale
  13. Highway Dept - Snow clean up
  14. GORGEOUS 200 SF
  15. Fannie & Freddie
  16. yeah! drain cleaners are coming now!
  17. CoHousing
  18. home maintenance - ouch!
  19. NYT tiny homes
  20. Loan Modification
  21. Roof
  22. Do you have a basement?
  23. RV Parks and pets?
  24. A Taste of Living Small
  25. Exterior painting - lead paint and what to do?
  26. main floor shower has leaked to the downstairs bathroom
  27. Ants in the house!
  28. Very cool DIY space heater made out of soda cans
  29. kitchen flooring price shock
  30. Wall beds
  31. Is annual furnace servicing a gimmick?
  32. House vs. condo vs. renting
  33. Alternative House Heat
  34. City mouse or country mouse?
  35. We wrote a How To manual to build a Rocket Mass Heater
  36. don't do this! you'll be sorry! Install all of your woodwork within 1 decade!
  37. Finish the whole earthship and move in or go room by room and move in as habitable?
  38. Milestone at the IrisLily household
  39. Talk about a tiny house!
  40. Swing set help needed...
  41. Love this kids' bedroom
  42. why is my bathroom floor leaking?
  43. Real Estate Questions
  44. if we live through this bathroom remodel
  45. Our house is never really nice
  46. A New Home (?)
  47. roomba vacuum not holding a charge
  48. house in the woods or apartment in town?
  49. Becoming a handy(er) person?
  50. Buyer Beware of Contractors
  51. Recycled living space?
  52. Rats in the Attic!
  53. Really clever tiny apartment
  54. Tiny House Article & Video
  55. Window film adhesive removal
  56. Farm Cabin started
  57. Cosmetic Fix idea?
  58. Low-Chemical Home
  59. Smart Home Cleveland
  60. Communes
  61. setting up a home theater
  62. acrylic tables & pet hair
  63. Short term apartment rentals
  64. Home Owner's Association UGH!!
  65. Security help!
  66. Thinking of downsizing to a single wide trailer with three 3 kids
  67. US credit downgrade ... when does it affect mortgage rates?
  68. The trouble with painting
  69. windows open - how many months per year?
  70. Thought this was cool - smallest apartment ever tour
  71. InLaws, Outlaws and Granny flats
  72. How on earth do people do this?
  73. Getting frustrated with home-owners insurance people...........question for you
  74. Dealing with being stuck
  75. Mortgage brokers...good or bad?
  76. Tiny Houses on National Television
  77. Solar power?
  78. Rental home has squatter: What should we do?
  79. Your home, your castle, your sanctuary - does it have a name?
  80. A tenement with a view
  81. "Smurf" -Type House ~ Cute!
  82. 'Twelve by Twelve' by William Powers - Who posted? and Where?
  83. To spray or not to spray
  84. summer home or winter home?
  85. your best small home realy ideas
  86. Crack In Wall
  87. Home in a dumpster
  88. Cutting your lighting bill and reducing your Carbon Footprint
  89. Getting rid of mildew
  90. Bird nests over outside flood lights and fires
  91. Cohousing & sustainable neighborhood design.
  92. best places to live
  93. Life in Maine
  94. Designing your own 12x12 Cabin/Cottage
  95. It's a wonderful life
  96. Another clever tiny place
  97. there goes the neighborhood
  98. Eat your heart out Cougar Annie...
  99. Washing Ceilings?
  100. Nice 20x20 house
  101. Huge influx of mice this year.
  102. Simple living in Scotland
  103. What would you do in this housing situation?
  104. The Woodman's Cottage
  105. The Austerity House
  106. Wood Front Door - setting myself up for work?
  107. nice little shipping container home
  108. my current obsession: old kitchens
  109. Insulation?
  110. Flooring for a tricky spot
  111. Hand-Washing Body Washcloths?
  112. Peanut butter ground into carpet
  113. What cleaning solution for Swiffer?
  114. fidgie--you new house!
  115. Attic Ventilation
  116. I think I have been tough enough!
  117. Renting out to section 8
  118. Innermost house
  119. collecting pictures of my little house
  120. Interesting article about zoning changes in Seattle
  121. House made in America
  122. Painting ?
  123. Another painting question
  124. Radical Downsizing & Happiness
  125. The Norris Project
  126. Time to Move . . .
  127. Anyone here lived/traveled in a camper with teens?
  128. Founda beautiful bar table set at...............
  129. Rehad in the Neighborhood
  130. Yurt and/or hardsided trailer?
  131. Cleaning a tile shower
  132. Living like a >>>>
  133. For those of you fascinated with small living spaces, here's another
  134. Vinegar cleanser with less stink!
  135. Need advice on housing dilemma (long post)
  136. Vermont experience & stories ?
  137. How does one go about buying a foreclosed home?
  138. Reducing phantom power used and reducing power usage in your home
  139. Earthquake Insurance
  140. Seattle-area event
  141. Can I live here?
  142. New Tiny Homes Book
  143. Renting makes it hard to live simple...
  144. Fencing - sustainable, DIY??
  145. my kingdom for a good pillow!
  146. Yikes! Bedbugs!
  147. Have you see this treehouse??
  148. What Impressed You as a Kid?
  149. Tiny House Article
  150. Creative Small House Ideas Needed
  151. Sell house and rebuild to get ahead and simplify?
  152. What percent of income on rent?
  153. Emergency Escape Ladder?
  154. Humble Home?... Or Garden Shed?
  155. Have coffee tables been discussed here?
  156. Do it yourself pole-barn building
  157. It couldn't be any cuter, especially if you like unique, small and cozy.
  158. 930 pm, still 82 inside
  159. tracking down the heat, investigation
  160. Using pennies as flooring in kitchen
  161. How is your neighborhood?
  162. Tuck Pointing?
  163. What's the monetary value of really loving where you live?
  164. Rough Neighborhoods vs. Small Towns - Any Preference?
  165. New 300-square ft. apartments proposed for Manhattan
  166. The closer we get to paying off the mortgage, the more frustrating it seems.
  167. Sedona Arizona?
  168. short-tern rentals in your hood?
  169. HouseBoat Living
  170. New Blog for Innermost House
  171. Don't know what to do re: AC. Replace or fix?
  172. Now San Francisco tiny apartments
  173. housing dilemma
  174. Stream/brook on property?
  175. Sept. Country Living Magazine
  176. Multi level lazy susan for shoe storage
  177. gypsy wagon-I want it
  178. What to do about New Night Club Noise?
  179. City Living Condo Ownership Without The Pitfalls? A Possible Answer.
  180. The next house list - what's important?
  181. The Tiny Life
  182. Bacteria in well
  183. Well Cleaning?
  184. Has anyone bought a new rFridge lately????
  185. Question about queen sized metal bed frame
  186. LA Times piece on micro apartments
  187. Cabin Photos
  188. Tiny House Designs
  189. ECO and Code friendly Light for walk in closet
  190. new heat pump
  191. More cabin porn
  192. If you could design your town what would you include?
  193. Shipping Container Home
  194. Housing prices in your 'hood - up or down?
  195. Who plans to downsize in the future?
  196. Old school bus gets earthy makeover with wood stove included, slide show of progress
  197. We are moving soon!
  198. Easy way to clean spots off your roof
  199. Septic Tank Equals No Bleach
  200. Looking for a biodegradable gel dishwasher detergent?
  201. Searching for a new rental in suburbia (small living - it's a trick)
  202. County mouse? City mouse? resort rat? Or "other"?
  203. 17 Year Old Building Tiny Home Blog
  204. Entry doors - need suggestions
  205. what to expect with repair-people
  206. Cleaning up an old mobile home so we can sell it- depressing
  207. Wow--what a little creativity and a few trips to the dump can do!!
  208. How much dirt do I need
  209. making a rental homey on a budget
  210. House is too huge... what can you do?
  211. Bought a house with Sis
  212. Fixing up an old house
  213. 5 toilets! Maybe one down!
  214. Plumber overcharged me
  215. Neighborhood exploded
  216. Closed on our new house yesterday...
  217. Remodeling a basement
  218. Seeking Helpful information: new substanable homestead project
  219. Kitchen Remodel
  220. Seeking housing decision advice
  221. living closer to the floor
  222. Those wasteful decorative fireplaces
  223. Long Time No See...we moved into our Earthship!
  224. The Plusses and Minuses of Paying Off a Mortgage?
  225. "lawn care" paradigm is just plain stupid
  226. Tiny House People - rental ideas/feasibility/reality check needed
  227. Renters Unite!
  228. An interesting small house
  229. IKEA Furniture????
  230. Another post for those of us who like Tiny Houses
  231. Casulo Room In A Box
  232. How to get large water spot off oak table?
  233. Househunters - overbuying
  234. Finding Style
  235. Converted Airstream I could live in!!
  236. Future Home
  237. What Kind Of Flooring Do You Recommend?
  238. Small Space - Big Style TV Show - Has anyone seen this
  239. clothelinestinyhomes.com
  240. Bugs, I could just cry
  241. Another tiny home...
  242. Another way of life. . . (was Bae featured?) :D
  243. Another favorite
  244. Free House for the Taking--Literally
  245. Cute and simple home
  246. Oh YES..liitle boat home
  247. Love these little houses...
  248. Moving our 20 x 30 woodframe house
  249. Apartment living for the single parent
  250. concrete tent