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  1. Welcome to the new home of the Simple Living Network forums!
  2. Max out 457 or Roth IRA?
  3. Anybody else doing spreadsheets today?
  4. Two questions on DH inheritance
  5. The austerity measures! And the numbers. Yikes... true confessions
  6. Children and Money
  7. Divvying up savings
  8. Interesting info on credit card use in different cultures
  9. How to find a good tax person?
  10. Need more inspiration and less anxiety
  11. interest rates, what is possible?
  12. New job - great money - what to do?
  13. 2% Social Security tax cut...
  14. Another savings FX option created this week.... just an option
  15. We are going to shop for insurance
  16. Dave Ramsey FPU on Facebook
  17. Master Information Document
  18. interest on credit card.
  19. Any one done their taxes yet?
  20. What to do with $500k?
  21. Retirement panic
  22. What is really hard
  23. Healthy Money Summit
  24. How to Double Your Income
  25. Best way to gt my free credit reports?
  26. Rental Properties?
  27. How best to consolidate CC debt ?
  28. Why Americans Can't Save Money - NY Times
  29. Question about HELOC and interest rates
  30. URGH!!! Why are prices going up on everything?
  31. why keep the house?
  32. Anyone do TAXES 100% BY HAND?
  33. Capital gains tax?
  34. Early retirees and Health Insurance
  35. how often do you get really scared
  36. Cashing in savings bonds
  37. How much do you have to have, to have 'enough?'
  38. student loan forgiveness programs
  39. Being able to deduct savings bonds from taxes for education?
  40. Spent
  41. Got Rid of Credit Card!
  42. Another credit card bit the dust.....
  43. "You can pay it out."
  44. $4,000 unexpected windfall. what to do with it?
  45. No good deed goes unpunished........a vent
  46. You be Suze Orman
  47. Best Free Personal/Business Accounting software
  48. Comprehensive insight into the collapse of- mortgage/housing crisis.
  49. Question about investing
  50. "...but we HAVE to have a phone number."
  51. Forget Harvard and a 4-Year Degree, You Can Make More as a Plumber in the Long Run
  52. life without a credit card
  53. Trying to help dd with home loan
  54. How Much Does a Six Figure Income COST ?
  55. Good finance books? What brokerage do you use?
  56. do other single parents?
  57. large gold purchase - what does it mean?
  58. I'm just not a risk taker
  59. Financial ignorance comes at a large price
  60. Bond Investing
  61. Attn: lhamo
  62. Investing Like a Trout
  63. The Zero-sum Nature of Investing?
  64. A Write-up of a Chapter 11 Workout
  65. Applying Game-Theory to Investing
  66. The Premium for Treasury Zeros
  67. Wrong Way To Handle Money - (Stories)
  68. Delicate approach that drove me nuts
  69. so excited!
  70. Woohoo!! Last student loan GONE!
  71. Does anyone do ING subaccounts?
  72. tiny step forward
  73. Dying Broke? Or donating to charity?
  74. The Unretirement
  75. Online Financial Management-anyone do these?
  76. Question about cashing Canadian check
  77. Question about auto insurance LIMITS
  78. How long do you keep documents of deceased?
  79. Bank Fees!
  80. Does anyone NOT invest?
  81. Happy dance -- the end is near!
  82. Check out this guy's blog...
  83. No More Free Checking? Confusing Bank Letter.
  84. the mortgage question again
  85. Soooo frustrated with bank - holding a deposit
  86. Hypothetical Scenario: 100k, no debt - biz dwindling - what would you do?
  87. Time to buy that second home?
  88. hospital wants ALL my info
  89. so frustrated over getting through systems
  90. No brick and mortar bank?
  91. what would you do if you won money
  92. Need ideas placing 403b's into IRA
  93. Chase customers - can you still get a plain ATM card?
  94. Stolen Money - Am I likely to get it back?
  95. Spending too much or earning too little?
  96. Gonna take the plunge and pay off HELOC from E-fund
  97. hiring some help/bookeeping
  98. I feel trapped and depressed by this mortgage and house. Help.
  99. Any financial preparations in case of no debt solution in US?
  100. Donations and deducting?
  101. 12 month plan to pay mortgage
  102. Please, I need advice on cash out/in of retirement account
  103. I earn slightly more than the reduced lunch income
  104. US downgrade and YMOYL
  105. MANY in U.S. need YMOYL, apparently.
  106. Need a new bank
  107. Cash only
  108. New thoughts about money.....
  109. Tipping...
  110. a baby step
  111. digital billing?
  112. who CARES!!!! about the stock market!
  113. Offset mortgage? UK, Aussie, Canada, etc?
  114. Class Action Lawsuits
  115. Money isn't everything..finally get that
  116. Budgeting on an irregular income
  117. Moving without a job
  118. Bouncing in the safety net
  119. Started Working Part Time
  120. Money, Imagination, Frugality, Frustrations
  121. What Have You Never Bought (New or Otherwise)?
  122. Conversation about money
  123. Go, Sarah. Go!
  124. Pay Off Mortgage (STILL) In This Economy???
  125. Possible case for saving any FICA (social security) tax cuts you get
  126. where to start, helping ill friend
  127. ? about savings bonds interest accrual dates.
  128. 100 Best Money Moves
  129. Didn't we used to have budget threads?
  130. Now, one more way to spread the word!
  131. Best cheap checking account?
  132. My 2011 Budget - For Your Review
  133. Here's Some Spending You Can Sink Your Teeth Into
  134. Take all your money out of the bank?
  135. Simple Money
  136. Does Your Life Purposed Match Your Time & Money?
  137. credit card debate
  138. WHY do they make it SO HARD to COMPLETELY PAY OFF YOUR ACCOUNT !!!!
  139. Personal Finance Software?
  140. To Life Insure or Not to Life Insure, That is the Question.
  141. mortgage question for the mathematically challenged
  142. Percentage of Income Spent on Food
  143. need ways to take personal action against "the system"
  144. How to spend less than you earn
  145. Mistakes by accountant
  146. Practical Things That Actually Helped Me Spend Less
  147. A Debt That Is a Lesser of Evils?
  148. Resources for Strategic Personal Finance course
  149. How to find a really good tax/financial advisor?
  150. Free tax advice?
  151. Paper Savings Bonds
  152. Feelin' good about my progress and want to share
  153. I'll go a year without spending.....
  154. How voluntary is your simplicity?
  155. This board has been rather boring.What can we do to improve?
  156. NRM Survey on getting out of debt
  157. Do you believe the US may collapse?
  158. Lessons learned
  159. 1 in 2 Americans poor or low income
  160. How are you doing on your 2011 goals?
  161. laddering CD/s
  162. Maximizing Income vs Minimizing Expenses
  163. I opened it all
  164. New For 2011 Taxes
  165. The Four Pillars of Investing
  166. Bah! Credit!
  167. Socially responsible mutual funds
  168. 2012 Financial Goals
  169. Some PF comic relief courtesy of Mary Poppins!
  170. Protecting cash assets?
  171. Wondering about Darvas' box theory in stock market
  172. securing future generations financial security
  173. European credit rating downgrades.....
  174. Kid's College Fund
  175. Credit Card Fee
  176. Has anyone used a bank's "person to person" service?
  177. Lump Sum or Retirement Roll Over
  178. Is this correct thinking about principal and interest?
  179. Dividend Stocks
  180. what would you cut in your school?
  181. Qualified Dividends on tax return
  182. Traditional retirement accounts foolish with the US tax structure?
  183. Is compensation from online surveys taxable income?
  184. Have you done your taxes yet?
  185. Escrow Analysis Windfalls?
  186. Frugal February
  187. Schedule A Tax Law Changes 2012
  188. Before-Tax or After-Tax ?
  189. Tax Benefits To Funding Employer Retirement Account 401K
  190. The Cash Budget Envelope System: Do You Use it?
  191. Percent Tax You Paid To Income
  192. tax return
  193. if you get a refund, taxes
  194. Eternal vigilance ...
  195. Inheritance and taxes
  196. Why is 10k debt harder than 10k savings?
  197. Help Me With the Austerity Measures
  198. Doing More Now For Perceived Reward Later ???
  199. 401K's coming back
  200. Is debt "part of life"?
  201. Help,advice needed - anybody here dealt with identity theft before?
  202. Your Opinions on My Tax Questions
  203. I already feel better
  204. Calculating retirement income
  205. Now this is cool: a reward fromt he bank
  206. Quicken
  207. How much do you need/have for retirement?
  208. Betting Against Oneself
  209. the despicable way to make money
  210. college costs/alternatives to college
  211. 2012 Financial Goals--How Are You Doing?
  212. Mental Turmoil: Roth IRA vs IRA/401k vs savings vs investment
  213. Checking/Savings - Every Last Penny To Mortgage?
  214. My brother is a 1%er
  215. A bunch of Roth IRA blogger links
  216. Best tracking method for savings account?
  217. Following up on debt part of life
  218. If You Won the 500 Mil Lottery?
  219. Savings Account Question
  220. I had the greatest meeing with the Tax Man!
  221. Question about stocks
  222. Gettin' More MONEY
  223. Can You Refinance Home Under Water?
  224. A Primer on Refinancing?
  225. REFINANCE! Your Loan May Be FREDDIE / FANNIE without knowng it!
  226. Prudential Annuities
  227. Roth or Traditional for me?
  228. Really going out on a limb here....
  229. My Refinance Journey
  230. Happy Dance for me!
  231. And we are back!!!!
  232. Could you make it on the income of these 65+ year olds?
  233. 50%, 30%, 20% budget (wants vs needs vs savings)
  234. Locked Out of Account
  235. Conventional Retirement Advice Is Finally Passe
  236. This made me think.....
  237. When your mortgage lender goes bankrupt?
  238. Need Sound Advice About Building Cottage...
  239. How much condo insurance do you need?
  240. over-spending support groups?
  241. How can DD desposit a VISA gift card into her checking account?
  242. Freeway Syndrome and Other Rules of Thumb
  243. Dave Ramsey anyone?
  244. Ebay/Tradera
  245. in debt we trust MOVIE
  246. Doesn't the rate of return at credit unions stink?
  247. Any evidence for Realpage being a scam?
  248. payday and title loan places
  249. student loans
  250. Ideas on how to pay my home mortgage off early