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  1. Welcome and Happy New Year
  2. The Economy
  3. When do you think the day of reckoning is coming if ever?
  4. World Bank and its impact on our life.
  5. Article on the "global elite"
  6. Repeal of Obamacare
  7. Gabby Giffords has just been shot in the head.
  8. Oh sh*t! I think I just deleted Idahl by accident
  9. Why do people feel the need to carry a gun?
  10. The Rich Get Richer While the Poor Get Poorer
  11. America's Decline
  12. President Obama's speech in Arizona
  13. RIP Sargent Shriver
  14. Insanity of the War on Drugs
  15. Keith Olbermann
  16. Stock market is for suckers!!!!?????
  17. Does Helping the Planet Hurt the Poor?
  18. State of the Union...What did you think?
  19. Create Jobs: Help People OR Corporations?
  20. Why is Military Spending Never Cut?
  21. Anyone out there think the tax code will ever be truly simplified?
  22. A perfect example of what is wrong with the Healthcare Private Market
  23. Here's an idea to make healthcare more affordable.....
  24. Recession
  25. Would Donald Trump Make a Good President?
  26. EGYPT!!
  27. Wisconsin and unions
  28. Iraq and Afganistan
  29. Guns on Campus
  30. Please explain to me the pros and cons of "Right To Work"
  31. Money for War and Company Bailouts OK, Healthcare, Schools, Middle Class, NOT OK.
  32. Supreme Court ruling on the Westboro Church case
  33. Long-haired inmates moved to max security
  34. The NPR debacle--question for you devo pros
  35. What is an "entitlement"?
  36. Getting involved in Libya
  37. Our tax dollars at work?/Local and state gov't
  38. What Rick Perry is doing to Education in Texas is a Crime!
  39. Consumerism and a few words.
  40. Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  41. Class Warfare Scorecard
  42. Excellent Chart on Govt Revenue vs Expense
  43. Would a government shutdown affect you personally?
  44. Raise the Debt Ceiling?
  45. How did the tea party get started?
  46. Poor Elect Democrats to Get Money From the Rich
  47. The Budget Speech
  48. Tax Day - fun graphic chart
  49. so who pays no income tax?
  50. Riot in Boston!
  51. Canadians: Are you voting differently this time?
  52. Food Freedom Laws
  53. Sarah Palin
  54. What benefits have you received from taxes?
  55. End of the "Age of America"
  56. Obama got Osama
  57. RIP Osama bin Laden
  58. Apache leader asks for apology from Obama
  59. interesting tax article
  60. Reassessing The Cost - post Bin Laden
  61. Sovereign Citizens
  62. NOT Born in the USA?
  63. Arnold, what were you thinking
  64. Obama seeks Palestine state on 1967 borders
  65. President Romney?
  66. Terrorist Longevity Saying
  67. Rolling Thunder - All Welcome
  68. Coming Depression
  69. Any online 'world' issue discussion groups?
  70. Prayapolooza in Houston
  71. Is the Weiner cooked?
  72. War #4
  73. Why I love this country....
  74. atheists going too far?
  75. President's speech tonight on troop withdrawal
  76. Huntsman For President
  77. Marriage Equality Act
  78. violent video games for kids.
  79. Is Obama really a Democrat?
  80. Don't call me "inmate!"
  82. What is up with this photo shoot?
  83. Michelle Bachmann Ban On Porn?
  84. Tangential Comment from Bachman thread - gnashing of teeth over political polarity
  85. I hope hope we don't raise the debt ceiling
  86. What exactly would happen if the government does not raise the debt ceiling?
  87. What would happen if the government does raise the debt ceiling?
  88. All This Crazy Weather Global Warming?
  89. Do you vote the issues or the party line?
  90. Government Assistance Programs
  91. Balanced Budget
  92. Double-dip recession?
  93. Obama mandate: birth control must be free
  94. Madmen everywhere!
  95. Progressive Contract for the American Dream
  96. A second Dem candidate?
  97. Simple Living Response To Economy / Jobs ??????
  98. President Perry
  99. Are We Ready For A Woman President?
  100. Which spending cuts are more acceptable
  101. Immigration Case Review
  102. US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
  103. Is Keynesian the answer? If not, why?
  104. Rommey Bulldozing his 12 million dollar home.
  105. George Will implies all the hurricane warnings were just hoopla and unnecesssary
  106. What does FEMA actually pay for?
  107. Unemployment to stay high until 2017
  108. Dear Mr. President
  109. Note to James Hoffa, Jr.
  110. Italy's sales tax to rise from 20% to 21%!
  111. Leaving the GOP
  112. Anyone watch the GOP debates?
  113. The President's Speech tonight
  114. Leaving the Dems
  115. dontcha just kinda want a WOMAN PRESIDENT? *cough* Bachmann *cough* ?????
  116. Snitch Central
  117. James Carville's Advice to the President...Panic!
  118. Social Media and Mexican Drug Cartel
  119. Women in combat?
  120. Plenitude: a new economic model
  121. Today, The End of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and........
  122. A Palestinian State
  123. Birth Control?
  124. Fanny Mae's Contribution to the Mortgage Crisis - Guaranteed to Burn Your Hide
  125. Chris Christie - What do you think?
  126. Tough stance on Immigration
  127. Obama fastracking Obamacare to the US Supreme Court
  128. I was born on earth
  129. Sarah Palin Not Running
  130. Occupy Wall Street PROTESTERS Not Letting Up - Nationwide
  131. Commercials about Mormons
  132. Obama and Palin
  133. How does the government actually intrude?
  134. The Top 100 Statistics That Every American Voter Should Know
  135. Romney "Morman" In Question / Bachmann Defends Tolerance? LOL
  136. The Democratic Parties blame for the 2008 financial meltdown
  137. New Movie "In Time" Shows World Where Time Is Currency
  138. The Great Disruption
  139. Happiness and society
  140. OBama says All troops out of Iraq by end of year.
  141. 39% for average, 275% more for wealthy - since 1970
  142. Cain Looks Kinda Cool ?
  143. the religious test- alive and well
  144. suppressing votes key to republican victory
  145. I hate daylight savings time. Loose an Hour Of Sleep! Get Rid Of It!
  146. Lessons from Iceland
  147. Cain's "sexual harassment"?
  148. Thank You Veterans
  149. Debt supercommittee a flop?
  150. socialism
  151. Occupy Movement and Tahir Square
  152. Is Income Inequality Really a Problem?
  153. Cain couldn't look much worse.
  154. iran nuclear facility explosions
  155. Romeny had something to hide?
  156. Ex-IL gov Blagojevich gets 14 year sentence
  157. Virginia Tech-AGAIN
  158. Why DON'T they like Romney?
  159. More Democrats Fear Big Government
  160. Does Iraq Matter?
  161. did I miss something?
  162. indefinite imprisonment of U.S. citizens without a trail
  163. Bradley Manning
  164. Romney would have stayed in Iraq
  165. political rant
  166. Kim Jong-Il's funeral procession
  167. Obama to trim military
  168. Orlov on the presidential campaign
  169. Ever donated to a National Presidential Candidate?
  170. Homeland Security monitoring journalists
  171. Coming This Summer: $5.00 Gas!
  172. Hooray the SOPA blackout!
  173. Ron Paul Gets NO COVERAGE
  174. Are Newt or Romney Electable?
  175. Action vs talk - George Carlin on the anti-abortion movement
  176. A moon base? Really Newt?
  177. You're Going Where???
  178. I stand with Planned Parenthood
  179. I don't care about the poor?
  180. Went To Caucus; We Are Messed Up As A Country
  181. Foreclosure abuse deal reached in U.S
  182. Birth Control; Help Me Understand Obama?
  183. NYT: Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It
  184. Keystone Cluster: Help Me Understand Congress?
  185. "Insourcing" ?
  186. More Support For the Smart-Grid
  187. Romney PLEASE! and NOT Santorum!
  188. Voter Registration
  189. Mail-In Voter Registration Skulduggery
  190. Can We Just DUMP all social issues?
  191. another horrible high school shooting in Ohio
  192. Republican Candidates: Where Are We Now?
  193. Shouldn't ALL conventions be contested conventions?
  194. What's the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy?
  195. Visceral Reaction to Limbaugh's Woman-shaming.
  196. Random observations from local GOP caucus
  197. the more things change....
  198. Monsanto
  199. here we go again...
  200. Out sooner?
  201. Why Romney Didn't Do Well in the South
  202. Supreme court hears health care law challenge
  203. Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012
  204. Possible coup in China?
  205. Sgt. Bales
  206. Information Diet
  207. Political TV
  208. FDA Refuses to Ban PBA in Food Containers
  209. Palin on 2012 Ticket.
  210. The War Against Youth (article in Esquire)
  211. anarchist, unite!
  212. Santorum is Out
  213. Mitt 'n Newt 'n the NRA in town here
  214. The Stolen Cell Phone Bill
  215. Romney's wife
  216. safety net unravveling
  217. Time to Talk About the Buffett Rule
  218. President Obama to Submit Plan to Congress to Curb Oil Market Manipulation
  219. Francois Hollande.. next President of France?
  220. SCOTUS and Arizona Immigration law
  221. And Then There Were Two
  222. Is recession natural?
  223. Meet Julia
  224. Political Priority Poll
  225. Rush for Obama
  226. Social Security
  227. cool jive
  228. Thomas Greco interview 5/22 3:30 Eastern (GMT-5)
  229. Is the liberal media really liberal?
  230. A Life Worth Ending - Elderly aging
  231. twins won't get SS benefits, supreme court decision
  232. A pretty good President after all...
  233. Self-Employed getting dividend income hurting tax revenues?
  234. Big Gulp, Meet Big Brother
  235. So goes Wisconsin - So goes America?
  236. It's like déjà vu....all over again....
  237. Photo ID to vote
  238. trade policy leaks
  239. Executive Privilege
  240. Reactions on SB 1070 being upheld in the Supreme Court?
  241. Question about illegal aliens
  242. Good news!
  243. A thought about ObamaCare.....
  244. Who is in poverty?
  245. More than two parents for the legal standard in Calif
  246. looking for the positive statement about presidential candidates
  247. The political calls are constant now
  248. Little People Pay In Every Way Due to Financial Crisis
  249. Public Pensions - myth and facts
  250. Here's where the gun debate should go!