View Full Version : online course on begin a white ally (in racism)

Zoe Girl
8-10-15, 12:33am
i saw this course shared by a Facebook friend and jumped on it. i honestly have not been in the loop on focused anti-racist work, i do my work and have always thought it was enough. Lately it seems like a more dedicated approach needs to be considered when you look at the level of violence happening. i started a little late but spent the weekend reading and watching videos to catch up.

so far what i have learned is so much about how institutions are a much bigger part of the problem than i knew. there is so much history that has not been included in general, even when you take all the history in the books and the new things i am learning with a grain of salt.

if anyone is interested i will tell you more as i go or at the end. it sounds like another course will be offered in November based on the huge interest. apparently they expected 200 people and 2000 signed up.