View Full Version : what is the best way to help Alabama and other tornado victims

4-28-11, 10:24pm
I am fortunate enough to be able to donate some money to the victims of the horrible tornadoes that ripped through the south. I am thinking red cross. Any other suggestions?

I like charities that are good stewards of my money.

5-2-11, 8:22pm
I second Red Cross. You might also want to try to locate local organizations (churches, local shelters, other local charities) and see if they have specific, local needs. My workplace "sponsored" a local family last Christmas giving them gifts (things they'd requested - kids' clothes, mostly) and money for utility bills. Very "hands on" charity, I thought.

5-3-11, 3:29am
World Vision is also helping out in the affected areas by giving food, blankets, and more. 85% of their income in 2010 went toward their programs and they keep their finances very transparent so you never have to worry where the money is going. They are a rather large Christian-based organization. Anyway, they have an emergency fund for the current disaster here: http://donate.worldvision.org/OA_HTML/xxwv2ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?section=10339&item=1753180 On their website they have a lot of info about all the ways they are helping, and they even have a blog where they write personal stories about the relief efforts.

I do also like Red Cross and I usually give to them when a crisis strikes because they are so trusted.