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6-24-11, 10:29am
Hi Everyone

I think it has been about a year since I discovered this forum (& its predecessor). During this year I have learned & been exposed to so many different ideas. I have a friend who is a member of another group who is fond of saying "there are, what, maybe 10 of us here & let's say our average age is 20 -- that means we have about 200 years of accumulated wisdom". That's how I feel about this group, multiplied exponentially. A forum where you can hear of other peoples' experiences about everything from constipation to mortgages, where there is inspiration and encouragement at every turn, where lively discussions and exchanges of opinions are encouraged, where a person can ask a question & receive answers & suggestions in response -- this is all an invaluable resource & I thank you all for being here! I put this under the "making a difference" posting because this forum has made a difference in my life & has given me the support I don't receive elsewhere. When I think back to "before the internet", it seems the only way I remember being able to find out about such a diverse "body of knowledge" consisted in hounding some long-suffering reference librarian, or just lucking into knowing someone who might know answers to my questions. Now I have many experts close at hand, sharing your experience, strength & hope!
Thank you for being here!

6-24-11, 11:05am
Thanks for posting! I feel the same way and have been here since early 2003.

6-24-11, 12:01pm
What an awesome summary of what I think these boards are really all about. While the focus is theoretically on "simplicity", this place is a wealth of useful facts, suggestions and, at its best, cameraderie and support.

Thank you for saying it so well, Sumarie! :thankyou:

Sad Eyed Lady
6-24-11, 12:13pm
Thanks :|( - I feel the same way. Great place to be.

6-24-11, 2:23pm
That's certainly why I keep participating, that's for sure. The sheer amount of things learned here, not to even mention the feeling of community and support when needed for folks, makes this a really special place. I completely agree.

8-9-11, 9:44pm
What a lovely post. I also feel the same way. No better place to be.

Float On
8-9-11, 10:39pm

8-11-11, 7:14pm
Ditto! Thanks to everyone here, posters and lurkers alike! :)

8-12-11, 3:59pm
This is the one place that I check every day (ok, more than once :). It is a community with such diversity, yet with the same goal. I mostly just read, because you can learn more by "listening" than "talking". I love the way that you summed it all up, sumarie.