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3-8-11, 9:09am
Last week I opened my front door and found two laundry cards tucked between the welcome mat and door. In my building's laundry room, the washers and dryers require a special card instead of coins. The total amount on the cards left by my door was $18.00. I think they were left there by a neighbor who moved out a few days before - he's been known to leave us things before. He's gone and there is no way for me to thank him personally, though I was very thankful to use the money.

Yesterday I finished grocery shopping in the height of evening rush hour. As I got on a very crowded subway with my big bags of groceries, a woman stood up and offered me her seat. I told her it wasn't necessary and I didn't take the seat. "Oh, yes, you'll take it. I've been on the subway with big bags and I know how it is. Take the seat," she said to me. So I did! Little did she know that I had a rather difficult day and her simple kindness meant a lot (though I'm totally prepared to jostle with the crowds with my groceries...I have it down to an art). I said thank you to her, but I don't know her and away she slipped into the crowd.

I felt chagrin that I've neglected committing Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK). I used to think about them and take opportunities when they arose. I need to remedy that - it feels so GOOD to do RAOK.

Anyway, has anyone else been the recipient of Random Acts of Kindness lately? Have you committed any anonymous (or not anonymous) kind acts this week? Please post if you have - it really spurs me on to read about them.

3-8-11, 11:33am
I was hospitalized for two days for some testing last month. When the charge nurse put my chart together, she noticed that the following day was my birthday. So she brought me a coffee mug with a bouquet of flowers the morning of my birthday and wished me a Happy Birthday. It was her day off and she made a special trip to the hospital. I was very touched. This act of kindness was way beyond the call of duty.

3-8-11, 8:08pm
Today I took a few bags of items to the thrift shop. In one of those bags were some earrings. After making that delivery I went to a jewelry store to get some items identified as to what they were, real or junk. The appraisal for a necklace and bracelet showed that they were ivory. I knew that in the bags of thrift shop items were some earrings that went with the necklace/bracelet. So I went back and explained to the ladies at the shop that the necklace/bracelet went with the earrrings, that they were real ivory, that the jewelry shop couldn't deal with them (lack of provenance), and turn it all over to them and wished them luck finding an appreciative owner. I'm not sure that they could deal with something of real value, but I wish them well.

3-8-11, 9:20pm
Mine today was not losing it at work...

3-8-11, 10:39pm
With my new job offer I'm moving for work 750 miles from DH (he'll be joining me at the end of the year). It's not the first time we've had two places, but we downsized most of our duplicate items and so I have to find a few key items with which to furnish my new apartment. One of my staff offered me her washer for free (she's buying a new one because the dryer that matches this washer has died - I can live without a dryer, but was going to have to buy a washer). Another of my staff is buying a house and the previous owner is leaving a couch that he doesn't want - he's giving it to me for free. A third staff member has offered to help me move both washer and couch for free. I'm very touched by their kindness.

3-17-11, 3:44pm
When I was getting into my car to go in the opposite direction, gave a ride to a really low-functioning young pverty-stsricken woman to the hospital to take CDs to her equally low-functioning, pverty-stricken partner (at his request) who had had his fourth seizure and been taken off by an ambulance called by a bystander.