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  1. Hi lily B,

    Wanted to reply to the email you sent me but I could not find it. Do you think you can resend it somehow.
    Would love to chat and we most definitely have things in common.

    I live in Hackettstown in Warren county. Would be fun to chat. Christine
  2. Hi Lily B, I warped to reply to your email that you sent me but a cannot find it. Is there any way you can re-send it? Would love to chat. Thanks Christine
  3. Hi. I saw we seemed to have some common interests, so I friended you. I meant to let you know via message, but I guess I forgot.

    I'm in NW NJ too. A few of us old timers are hanging on around here, and we are able to do things our (simple) way. DH and I are now both retired, so we have the time to do stuff like line dry our clothes, garden, and cook from scratch. Back in the '70's we did all that and more. In fact we were considered thepart of the local hippies by the local famers. I guess we are now old hippies to the newcomers.

    Have a wonderful day.
  4. Hi lilyb, saw that you friended me so I thought I'd drop a little hello into your inbox...have a nice day today!
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