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Thread: Weird dreams associated with where I live

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    Weird dreams associated with where I live

    Hi guys. I have a weird phenomenon going on, that has gone on for years, that I'd like to figure out.

    I had reoccurring dreams that are connected to where I live. For instance, at one apartment I had a dream that a tree was falling on me and I got trapped. In another place I lived I would dream that there were lasers that would turn on and I was unable to move or I would get hit. The next house I lived I would dream that the roommates above me were always talking about me (and that might have been true, but highly unlikely that they would sit and talk about me every night). At the next place it had something to do with an electrical box outside my window...can't remember the rest. At a farm I recently lived at it was that I couldn't breath the air sometimes due to a gas leak. And interestingly now where I live it is something similar where i was supposed to do something and didnt so now were all going to die.

    Theses dreams wake me up ALL THE TIME. It's so frustrating. And when I wake up, I'm not thinking clearly and believe they could be true but am not sure. It is definitely associate with where I live, as they always change when I move. The one I'm having now, makes me jump out of bed concerned my mom her dogs and I are going to die, and I walk into the living room where my mom is (I works nights so I sleep during the day) and mumble something. Then I wake up more and realize how silly what I'm talking about is and go back to bed. Slightly embarrassing and unnecessary. She just laughs at me or ignores me.

    They didn't start until after I had a spiritual experience and now I'm concerned that it's connected in some way. Maybe I am more intuitive and am feeling energy at the place i'm living of some sort that needs to be resolved?

    thoughts? Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Sounds like something in your subconscious that you need to figure out. Why it is always connected with where you live I can't say, but it is always some sort of perceived threat to yourself from someone talking (plotting?) about you to unhealthy breathing conditions and even death. Have the threats steadily gotten more severe? Is there any other thing common to the dreams? During waking hours are you comfortable with where you live? I am curious about the spiritual experience if you don't mind sharing. If so, I understand.
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    I can't help you, but I've been living in my current home for eight years now, yet nearly all my dreams take place at my old home, where I've lived for 40 years.

    Maybe your home needs some smudging (when someone burns an herb and blows the smoke into each corner of each room). It's supposed to be cleansing. Or maybe each home has different vibes that you are reacting to. Not nice dreams to be having all the time.

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    May not be directly connected, but I had nightmares on/off for years about being trapped in a confined space. Some were so real that I woke up gasping for air and half jumping out of bed to make sure I was actually free.
    Then, my SO and I broke up, and what do you know, the nightmares stopped. Looking back maybe it was a sign that I was not supposed to be in that relationship because it was literally stifling me.

    That said, I agree with pony mom that it couldn't hurt to sage the place. Good luck.

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    Betty Bethards has a really good book on dreams and what they mean. One thing she teaches is that everyone in the dream is you. (Since you're having the dream.) My hit on it is that it could be related to past lives...

    Yogi Bhajan says that our subconscious mind clears out garbage from 4:00-6:00 a.m. That's why yogis get up so early and meditate, to clear out the junk. The idea is to plant seeds in your subconscious mind for what you want to create. I know you said that you work odd hours, but maybe this is what's happening. Meditating and praying for protection before you go to sleep might help, too...

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    I took a class where I was taught how to protect myself from these types of dreams but you must do it everytime before you go to sleep. You put your entire bed inside a bubble (visualize this) and repeat a few times "only positive things can come in or go out- "Anything negative can not come in or go out." When I do this I am fine but if I forget I have nightmares. Hope this helps.

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    Wow, that sounds very unsettling. Maybe you do not feel secure where you are?

    My dreams -- if I identify them as taking place somewhere at all -- are usually set in my childhood home.
    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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