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Thread: Adding Color and Ease to the Concert/ Theatre Going Experience

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    Adding Color and Ease to the Concert/ Theatre Going Experience

    Almost every event we attend has an assigned seat or section with our name on it. Often times at concerts it is difficult to find where your seat is at indoor venues with dim lighting. Does anyone have any ideas on what would make the experience better? I'm working on designing a system of LED posts to mark off rows or seating sections. They'll be organized by color so that audience members will find their seats easily. The LED posts can also be integrated in to the performance or sporting event by changing colors. Do you think this would make the concert going/ theatre experience more fluid and enticing? Please post what you think! Thank you.

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    I just attended a series of wonderful plays at Stratford Festival. However, it was frustrating to look for have the numbers of the rows marked in straight up and down vertical. Can the numbers or letters of the alphabet be tipped at sufficient degree that one can see them. Think of "/" as an idea of the degree if angle. If these remain marked vertically in LED , they still are hard to see.
    Seats can be a challenge but small arrows pointing to the initial seat in a row would help.

    I was muttering to myself about just this issue so thanks for asking.
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