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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    Yes, being 61 he is eligible for senior housing and I have a call in to a nice place now (rents start at 1100) and am expecting a call back. He is in the queue for affordable housing, and he actually has a "in" of sorts--my son was on the board of the Burlington Housing Trust, but they, of course, are not allowed to favor anyone. The only thing they can is be aware that he is waiting (like everyone else.) They say it can take 2 years to get a place. That rent is, indeed unbelievable. He went to see a place out of town but 20 minutes from work. He said it looked abandoned. Black paint over some windows; no landscaping and grass and weeds growing wild. The studio he went to look at was so small that he didn't think he would even fit in the shower. But... he is actually reconsidering taking it at this point. It's $865. I am hoping he can get through the year OK. when he turns 62 in January, at least he'll have social security and he can continue to work, although that will reduce his SS a little.
    The reduction is not that bad--I took it 63 and kept working, and they don't take away any of your social security until you hit the earnings level--for this year it is 22,320, and then for each 2 dollar you earn over that they take away 1 dollar in benefits, although you get them back at the end. Plus, if he years where he earned zero, they will replace those years with what he earned, meaning his social security will go up a little each year he works. Not much--mine went up something like 15-20 dollars a month. But it all helps.

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    I agree - tough situation, catherine. Sending prayers.
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