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Thread: Consumerism vs. Simple Living

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    Consumerism vs. Simple Living

    Hi everyone! I'm researching how and why we consume beyond our needs for my dissertation and I'd love to know your opinions!

    Do you consider yourself a mindful consumer?
    Have you ever thought about all of the possessions in your life that hold no real value or are just a distraction from what is really important?
    Do you want to change your purchasing habits in the future? If so, why and how?
    Do you look at blogs and forums for advice around the topic of consumer or simple living? And if so, are they helpful? What are you looking to get from them?

    Any comments, opinions and experiences will be greatly appreciated for my research!

    Also, if you have a few minutes please fill out my survey about how market influences may be making you spend -

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    Well, emoney3, first you need to learn a little more about approaching online groups so please consider this some well-meant and kindly advice.

    1. Blitzing several forums on a site with the same message simply clutters a site and makes the members question your motives. Troll?
    2. Introduce yourself, state why you are researching the topic, under whose guidance (college, marketing group, magazine etc.,) where you expect to use the info.
    3. Approach a moderator and ask for guidance and site policies on research topics. Special fora are set up to do just this right now.
    4. Do a search on the site's history for a good number of just these kinds of questions and explain why you need more info. This will demonstrate that you are serious about your interest and also respectful of members' time and efforts

    It is disappointing that your supervisor has not given you some guidance on these issues.
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    Nicely done, razz. This probably should be a sticky somewhere. Maybe it already is.....
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    +1 Razz

    The way it was done, seems more like a marketing dept, trying to get better at spamming, then someone doing it for a dissertation.

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