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Thread: My sis's frugal wedding (Not exactly a holiday but...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    My wife and I were married by an Alaskan Marriage Commissioner with two witnesses in attendance, followed by drinks at the Captain Cook bar at the local Holiday Inn. Total cost, approximately $30.

    She says she'd like to renew our vows someday and this time do it up right. Me, I'm not so sure it's worth the effort. That $30 has provided 39 years of bliss, can an expensive wedding do better?
    Alan, we probably disagree on a lot -- I mean a lot. But I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment here! You two did it right for sure!

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    I have often wondered if the cost of the wedding is any indication of the focus of the participants? Those who fork out the huge time and money investment in having it perfect, spend less time and effort on what it takes to make the marriage work.

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    Yes, I scratched my head through DD's whole wedding planning. There are also large expectations among her crowd on where one honeymoons so throw in another $5K minimum for that. I recall how we were married in a church and had a small reception in my in-laws backyard. Speaking of Lamborghinis, I have seen several in the last week. I hate that all this pretentious stuff is returning again now that the economy is better.

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    My rule of thumb is "the more money spent, the shorter the marriage."

    Joan Rivers threw a wedding for her daughter that brought to mind the excesses of the court at Versailles, and the marriage lasted just long enough to produce an heir for Joan. One example.

    In other words, what Sweetana said.

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    I know I'm going against the tide here, but when DH and I got married, the costs came to $34,000. We had 240 people attending, and we had a full on huge party with open bar.
    My mother's family alone was 80 people. My friends and coworkers were about 50. Our immediate families were 25. My dad's side was another dozen or two. DH'S friends and his parents ' friends were another dozen. My parents had friends, and the were mission volunteers who were there when we met.

    We were inclusive. We includes a guest for all singles and all family kids.

    My parents contributed $23,000. I paid for the rest. DH and his parents could not afford to pay, so they didn't. DH already owned a tuxedo. I paid for all hotel rooms for his family.

    I saved money by allowing a friend to prepare the flowers, which I bought from the NYC flower district wholesale. I kept a spreadsheet of all expenses and was aware of all of the costs.

    It was kind of a going away party for me, too, since I was quitting my job to move 1300 miles to be with DH.

    I was also aware that the only thing that really mattered was that I wind up married to the right guy by the time it all was over.

    I do not believe that the cost of the wedding has anything to do with the value of the marriage.

    DH and I hit 11 years married last May, and decades more are currently likely.

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