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Thread: cutting caffeine

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    Dec 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    It was very warm here in the Pacific Northwest this weekend and I really really wanted to stop by McDonald's for a
    large DC. They have the best Diet Coke, but I resisted and now at day 10. Woohoo! You know, I don't know
    if I really feel any different. I just like the fact that I am not so depended on that habit. I know by gut micros like
    not having the constant artificial sweetener, which I understand kills the good bacteria in your gut. I think I am also
    sleeping better. No headaches, etc.

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    Dec 2010
    The Suburban Midwest
    Yes, McD has the best Coke. I get regular. Very bad reaction to artificial sweeteners.

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    That's wonderful, Greg! Congrats on you progress.
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