How concerned are you about this virus? We've just had a case found here in Maricopa County (urban Phoenix area) from an ASU student just returned from Wuhan. What really scares me here is international travel is continuing AND the Chinese government has admitted that this virus can spread from person to person BEFORE an individual becomes symptomatic.

Maybe it's because one of my two favorite American works of fiction is Stephen King's The Stand - a horror novel I always found somewhat believable regarding a Superflu killing off most human beings on the planet. This virus has me spooked something fierce and I'm not alone in this. SO and family are spooked regarding the potential of this virus arriving in Mexico City which has numerous shantytowns on the outskirts.....tightly packed living conditions and less than first world sanitation standards.....whatever could go wrong there, you know?

I will be stocking up on over the counter immunity boosting herbs - it's what little I can do. Are you'all concerned? Thinking the media has overdone this? Or? Rob