Quite by accident on Monday I found out my husband was cheating on me. This is not the first time but itís the last. Not only did he put me at risk for STDís but also the virus. Decided considering the situation I would tell him on Xmas eve that my gift is a divorce. I am downsizing to a condo and selling the house. I like security buildings so that narrows the search considerably. I lived in one that was 869 sq ft when I moved here 24 years ago. It was a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Real estate has skyrocketed which is good on the selling side but not so much the buying. So my choices seem to be live in a really nice one with a view of the mountains ( 1 bedroom-532 sq ft) for around 200k or going back to my original situation for the same price. Down side is the ceilings are low and you only have one window in the bedrooms and a slider in the living room. In the first building the floors start on 3 and you have a entire wall of glass in the living room and bedroom so tons of light. Both are desirable locations close to everything. I donít really get many overnight guests anymore and they could get a hotel room. My youngest son said he will sleep on the couch when visiting.

So what are the pluses and minuses of small living and how did it work out for you? Any advice appreciated. Catherine I know you seem to be happy in your small house. I absolutely donít want a house. The places I have looked at online all have balconies and patios which is important and take 2 small dogs which I intend to write into the purchase contract as well as verify in writing from the association. Besides my real kids my fur kids are most important in my life. Good thing I have been downsizing the past 25 years but if I go into the smaller one it will mean extreme measures although even the bigger one will require it to. What say ye old wise ones)