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Thread: I Learned Another New Word Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosarugosa View Post
    Interesting - and you were right, I was seeing a paywall where none existed.
    If you ever run into a real paywall, just delete the and cookies from your browser and it should go away.

    Other tricky non-paywall message boxes I've run into are:

    • A please-subscribe message where the X that makes it go away is the same color as the background. You can't see the X, but clicking the upper-right corner of the message makes it go away.
    • A message where the X that makes it go away is on a transparent background outside of the message box and, in one case, a couple of inches away from it.
    • A message box that had the X in the upper-left corner.
    • A box that didn't care where you clicked. Clicking anywhere outside of the message box would make it go away.

    My pet peeve on message boxes is the ads that pop up (mainly on financial sites) advertising one of their additional services. Usually you can't get rid of them by clicking the corner and there are only two buttons: "Tell Me More" and "Remind Me Later". There should be a law that requires those ads to have a button that says "____ you and the horse you rode in on!"

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    I will get around to my new word I learned today, but first I would like to brag about the Tough Mitts that I wore on my walk in the forest today. I bought them out of the bin of seconds at the Stormy Kromer factory in Ironwood Michigan 3 summers ago. If they have a defect, I have never been able to sense it.

    The new word I learned today is cwtch, which is Welsh for cuddle, pronounced "kootch". Cwtch is contained in the lyrics of a wonderful lullaby, written by John Wake and Lorraine King, titled Cariad, which is a Welsh word for sweetheart. In the link Siobhan Owen sings and plays harp, and one can read the lyrics. The moon and stars are yours tonight, safe and sound with me... (I recognize that feeling!) If the link below does not work, it should be possible to search Youtube for Cariad.

    "Like a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of Welsh can get you into trouble." LLOL <wink>

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