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Thread: What does YOUR COVID bubble look like?

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    What does YOUR COVID bubble look like?

    In my little bubble, people wear masks. DH and I social distance ourselves from our neighbors. We don't even entertain the thought of vacations. I haven't been to a restaurant in a year. I turn down work that hints I might have to go to NJ. We talk about the vaccine and how hopeful we are that someday relatively soon--maybe months from now--we will get back to some semblance of normal life, although we will probably still wear masks in certain circumstances.

    But I'm shocked at other bubbles I've heard about. Full, jam-packed planes on the way to Florida. No masks, indoor dining. Business open, maybe some restrictions, but nothing that impacts the ability for people to go out and have fun.

    It reminds me that this country is far from monolithic. We are made up of many "countries"--maybe 50 of them. Attitudes and behaviors of people--getting the same newspapers, listening to the same news, under the same leadership--completely different.

    What does your bubble look like?
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    A snow globe.

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    Like clinical depression.

    I have not seen anyone indoors unmasked in a year but bf (so yea take issue with my pod ). I have not visited with anyone INDOORS but bf masks or not - but yea sometimes one has to go indoors. No vacations, no eating in restaurants, no hair cuts (even bf cuts his own hair now), no gym membership. Some businesses are open, it doesn't mean it's a good idea to go to all of them.
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    - My Dad, 80 years old, who just moved in with me Monday, +4 days after his second COVID vaccination. He arrived nursing his just-repaired broken hip, and the last stages of his cancer treatment, and has a clean bill of health from his doctor, all his shots, and is housebroken.

    - My relationship-interest, who is getting their first COVID vaccination today, who is a schoolteacher and has been teaching remotely for the past year due to the pandemic.

    - Their two children, who live at their house, one of whom is a firefighter (and fully vaccinated), the other a college student (remote-only at present.)

    - I go for walks with my neighbor around the street-trail in our neighborhood, we each stay on the opposite side of the road on the trail on each side, probably 25 feet apart, and generally the wind is in a favorable direction to prevent any cross-contamination. She's 78 and has had both doses of the vaccine.

    - I go to outdoors distanced dinner parties a few times a month at a friend's home here. Everyone has their own table, about 20 feet away from each other table on their deck, and each table comes up to retrieve their family-style serving platters from a common table set outside their kitchen window. There are exterior propane heaters to keep this moderately warm during our winter here. Everyone has developed a firm speaking voice.

    Nobody else gets within 15 feet or so of me unless I've following COVID PPE protocols. I try to never be downwind from someone else. I avoid enclosed spaces as much as possible, even with PPE on.

    The handful of times I've had to take the ferry to the mainland this past year, I've remained inside my vehicle and not gone up to the passenger area, which is mostly-closed anyways.

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    A dull routine of going to work 5 days a week and not much else. I do go for essential services like car repairs.

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    The only people we see outside of each other are local son and daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. Have not seen my son and grandson in 18 months now; not seen my son in Oregon in 2 years.

    When we see my son's family, we cannot see anyone else--we cannot get together with his in-laws, for example. Limited to under 8 people.

    I see my mother in assisted living on compassionate care visits, wearing a mask, allowed only in her room, cannot interact with anyone else. Am allowed 20 minutes a visit, and my husband cannot come in to see her; nor can my son.

    Everyone masked here for everything else. Am way overdue on dental and medical visits, waiting to get the vaccine to go to the doctor. Waiting for vaccine to travel to see grandson. Cut own hair, no gym, no library, no swimming, no restaurants.

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    We mask up for going to stores. I won’t say we go often but I won’t say that we never go either. We go when necessary. Because we’re doing two renovations, we have to go places to conduct business. I always try to stand far away from people when masked.

    Since Covid hit one year ago I’ve eaten inside restaurants three times. All of those times were a mistake and I regretted it, and those times were in hot wewtjer nefore the big covid spikes hit here.

    I get take out a few times per month from restaurants—-I called in my order, pay for it via phone, and then pop in to get it.

    I do let an occasional person inside my house, that probably happens once every six weeks.

    what socializing we do, we do outdoors. Now that nice weather is back we will do more. DH walks with friends in the morning. I will plan outings on patio dining soon, a couple of them. The long hard winter is over and i am happy to see some people but am not desperate to socialize.

    I went to one dental cleaning the spring but canceled the fall one. In a few months I’ll make an appointment. I’m not too worried about dental stuff. I just today made an appointment for when I was Covid-safe to see myndoctor.

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    No one comes in our home. If I see someone, I space 7d before I see someone else.

    Restaurants: we have a few we'll go to now/then. Wear mask in. All staff wear masks. Distancing among guests. I've observed thorough cleaning in the 3 places we will go.

    Have attended 2 small gatherings with those who I know are cautious. (under 10 people). Then to be safe, I quarantined 14d to assure no one else was at risk from me.

    The only people I've met in a restaurant are other RNs who I know are being super cautious as I am. We each have felt comfortable with what we've observed of employees in the few places we've gone.

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    Just DH and myself. Now have 2nd vaccine and over 10 days have elapsed. DS and GD are here visiting (last saw them 6 months ago) We have only seen neighbors outside and talked from a distance. Have not eaten out since last March. Recently ordered 2nd carryout. Don't plan on eating at restaurants anytime soon. Will get haircuts Monday and I may go to the gym for classes (I have to research the protocol first). Have been grocery shopping every 3 weeks wearing a double mask during senior hours. May actually start looking around when I go shopping instead of run in and run out. Thinking of planning a summer getaway to a national park ... depends on what is going on at the time.

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    Mid Atlantic coast after 30 years in No CA
    We've had a skeleton of a social life for the past year. We instituted "driveway drinking" with 2-3 neighbor couples every Friday for happy hour. Outside, a good distance apart. Been ongoing for a year Keeps us all sane. We bring our own chairs, beverage, glasses. It's brought us closer together...when it's cool, we have a fire pit.

    We have occasional dinners with one other couple in their or our home. We know that they are very cautious, as are we. We dine at separate tables.

    I have been grocery shopping weekly during non-busy times. Masked, of course, wash hands a lot.

    We cook at home, rarely do take out.

    Our main entertainment is home-based or outdoors for walks, cycling....

    All in all, we're doing okay. Get first vaccine shot tomorrow--yippee!
    peaceful, easy feeling

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