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Thread: Not mentioning my zip code.....(real estate related)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post
    - Taxing foreign owners seems a bit jingoistic. What about owners from different provinces/territories?

    - Taxing homes that are unoccupied 1/2 the year seems to be a bad thing for folks who may be away for medical care for more than 6 months, or perhaps be "snowbirds". Or dead, and their estate takes a while to settle. Etc.

    It is fun to discriminate against non-locals and "those people" though. I know my own community would love to do this, as 50%+ of the homes here are vacant much of the year, and there's a considerable amount of "non-islander" ownership. If we could just screw over all those outsiders, life would be good here....
    Maybe then people who wanted to move there and work in the community could afford to do so without already being rich.

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    I got a card in the mail from the realtor who has been courting us to list and her company is offering some sort of sell/buy program and it says will help you "win" the house you want to buy since contingency contracts are no longer being accepted.

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    My view hasn't changed much. When I was in my 20's, I would ask, if the baby boomers didn't have enough kids to replace them (social security), then things that they and their previous generations, bought, like houses, will have a surplus.
    I expect there will be houses that will keep their value, but I also expect there to be a lot of older sections of cities, to be worth a lot less then they would cost to build.

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