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Thread: Electric lawnmowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbgeek View Post
    We have a greenworks mower. In the spring, when the grass and weeds are thick, it may take more charges to fully mow the yard, but usually the lawn is down in two sessions. Its great not having to smell exhaust fumes.
    Easier on the ears as well as the nose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    Easier on the ears as well as the nose.
    Exhaust dumes and fresh grass clippings...I like both together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbgeek View Post
    We have a greenworks mower.
    After running through a bunch of corded electric string trimmers of various brands, I bought a Greenworks a couple of years ago and have been very pleased with its build and performance.

    The corded electric mowers have been Black and Deckers. I got 12 years out of my first one (purchased used a year old from people who ended up with a much bigger lawn). It has worked fine but is so old now that parts (like blades and certain deck components) are no longer available and I'm just not up for scavenging used ones (most of which are going to be a decade old or so). So last summer I bought another used B&D. This one is more powerful and a little wider and parts are still available.

    While considering what to buy, though, I did come across Greenworks mowers and they seemed to be pretty good (if harder to find parts and service for than B&D). One of the mowers Greenworks sells (their lowest-priced one) is also sold under some other brand names. No idea if the quality differs (it likely does). But that mower (it's at my mom's place; I didn't buy it) is very light and maneuverable and the motor on it is pretty powerful considering it's smaller than the motor on my B&D. Just a couple of ergonomic quirks that would make me want to spend a little further up in the Greenworks line.
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