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Thread: How many homes?

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    How many homes?

    It seems like I've moved around less than many, if not most of you, so I thought it might make for an interesting thread. I've only lived in four homes in my life. I lived in an apartment with my parents until age 5, then in the house they bought until age 26. When I married DH, I moved into the apartment he shared with a roommate and was there for 6 months. Then we bought this house and we've been here for 36 years. This is the only house we've ever owned, and we only live 1.5 miles away from the parallel side streets where we grew up.

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    7 houses? Let's see: we lived in four houses in my at-home years. The first my parents built by hand. We moved when the state told us there would be an interstate connector going through our place. It did, but LOTS later. My parents then bought a large brick farmhouse beside a church. Church wanted it for a parsonage and for the property - my father put a huge (to him, anyway) price on it and they bought it anyway. The next farm we had for six years. I graduated high school and parents wanted something smaller and moved to a tiny town. I lived there for a few months, then rented a house on an airport, with a friend. When DH and I got married, we bought a fixer-upper in the country. When our eldest was ready to start school, we looked for a better school district, so we moved to our current place, where we've been for 30 odd years. So ok, that is 7 houses... I hope to never move again, lol.

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    All the places I’ve lived:

    1. The apartment my family lived in when I was born - 9 months
    2. The house I grew up in. 18 years plus two summers during college
    3. Two dorm rooms, 1 on campus apartment and an off campus house with friends - 1 school year apiece
    4. Two summers doing internships before and after senior year of college - 3 months apiece
    5. An apartment in NJ -9 months
    6. An apartment in Greenwich village NYC - 10 months
    7. -an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen NYC - 12 years
    8. - an apartment in NJ with SO - 2 years
    9. - an apartment in NJ - 2.5 years
    10. - an apartment in San Francisco - 14 months
    11. - an apartment in San Francisco - 10 years
    12. - the house we bought just outside San Francisco - 8 months and counting.

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    Good heavens, I will try to remember them all. In first two decades, five dwellings, I think, not counting the university years; the remaining years included 14 different dwellings which includes apartments, rented homes, our farms, and separate owned houses if I have recalled them all. Life is an adventure!

    I am content to remain in my lovely little house for some time to come.
    As Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

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    Age 0-3: A little Cape Cod that the State purchased from my parents to make way for the "new" I-95 in CT.
    Age 3-21-ish: Another Cape Cod, same town and that's where I grew up. Went to college and lived in dorms from 18-21.
    Age 21-23: An apartment in Irvington, NY with a roommate
    Age 23.5-24: With my mother in her condo in Trumbull CT while preparing for my wedding.
    Age 24-26: A Victorian apartment in Ridgewood, NJ, DH's and my first place together
    Age 26-28: A high-rise in White Plains, NY, followed by a short stint living with my MIL waiting for our house to close.
    Age 28-33: Our first home in Stormville, NY
    Age 33-67: Our family home in NJ
    Age 67-present: Our VT "wee hoose mang the heather." (Actually there's no heather).

    So, I don't count those temporary, transitional places, so I think it adds up to 8 apartments/homes
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    I don't think I could give an exact answer since my parents moved from one employer supplied farm house after another every year or so when I was young, plus my dad was in the service when I was born. Here's my best effort:

    1. Apartment in Amarillo TX where I was born.
    2. Apartment in San Francisco after dad was transferred.
    3, 4, 5 and 6. Small ramshackle farm houses between the ages of 3 and 14.
    7. My parent's first real home of their own where I lived from 14 till 18. My mother still lives there.
    8. Barracks in San Antonio TX - 1973
    9. Barracks in Peru IN - 1973 to 1975
    10. Barracks in Anchorage AK - 1975 to 1976
    11. Apartment in Anchorage AK after my wife and I were married. 1976 to 1978
    12. Apartment in Cincinnati OH after leaving the service. 1978 to 1979
    13. Our first home, a townhouse purchased in 1979
    14. Our second home, a 50's ranch purchased in 1983
    15. Our third home, a new 2 story purchased in 1992
    16. Our fourth (and current) home, a modern ranch, built and purchased in 1995.

    There may have been an additional apartment when I was a baby and perhaps another ramshackle farmhouse or two as a child, but for now I'll stick with the 16 listed.
    "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." ~ Albert Einstein

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    9, not counting college dorms.

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    1. Baby in Alberta
    2. Toddler in Virginia
    3. Rental home #1 as preschooler in Massachusetts
    4. Rental home #2 as elementary school student
    5. Parents purchased home
    6. Rented room as grad student
    [Back to #5 for a summer]
    7. Motel apartment in Florida while job hunting
    8. Regular apartment #1 in Florida
    9. Regular apartment #2 in Florida
    [Back to #5]
    10. Back to Florida living in a rented guest house - got married while here
    11. Apartment #1 in Massachusetts
    12. Bigger apartment after baby born
    13. Smaller apartment after divorce
    14. Bought home

    At one point I moved 11 times in 5 years.

    I would be willing to move again but I do not think it is feasible as long as my son lives with me. Even small changes tend to overwhelm him.

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    I recently discovered that trying to remember all the places I have lived is a good way to fall asleep. Like counting sheep but requires more effort. Too many to list but guessing around 20-25.

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    Mid Atlantic coast after 30 years in No CA
    1. Parents' home - 18 years
    2. College dorm/apt. rental, Michigan 4 years
    3. Apt. (2) rentals Detroit 3 years
    4. San Francisco apt. rentals (2) four years
    5. San Francisco, house purchase 8 years
    6. Upstate NY house rental one year
    7. House rental East Bay house rental 2 years
    8. House purchase East Bay house purchase 2 years
    9. Multi-units purchase Oakland 16 years
    10. East coast coastal NC house purchase 17 years

    I'm old and am tired of to stay (I hope)
    peaceful, easy feeling

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