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Thread: Protecting oneself and one's home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boss mare View Post
    I grew up where you live. I lived there for 43 years. Back in the day no one had to lock their houses or cars. I wish I could turn back the clock and live there again..
    This area is lovely for miles. If I remember correctly you lived in Bridle Trails, which is pastoral and divine. I'm at the top of the lake.

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    The new house has an alarm, is frequented by a few others to check on the pet, and is a block from the secretary of the local chief of police. That doesn't mention camera plans, other personal protection means, habits such as locking doors, etc. Also, weirdly, I know more people in this neighborhood, then my old one, and they are happy I am in here.

    In my old neighborhood, I am the old timer now. A couple of years ago now, extended family that lived down the street passed. She was the second longest person on that block. Keeping doors locked, putting an alarm sticker on the doors, etc, were some of the tricks there. In past times, older neighbors kept eyes out, and my schedule was the opposite of most, so I could/would watch when others were at work.

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    I live on an island 20 miles off shore. About 5 miles from our small village. My house is 1/2 up the side of the mountain here, you have to know how to get up here.

    Once on my property, you have to contend with sensors and cameras that are there not to record thieves, but to alert me to their presence.

    There is often a very large, attentive bloodhound roaming the grounds. You can hear him alert for miles. He is somewhat protective.

    Once you open the gates to the house-containing part of the property, you will certainly encounter the dog, and then me.

    I have previously placed range markers, and identified lanes of fire, and arranged the landscaping and fencing to force intruders into certain paths and areas.

    And then, well, there's a lot of paperwork to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    This area is lovely for miles. If I remember correctly you lived in Bridle Trails, which is pastoral and divine. I'm at the top of the lake.
    Yes, it has changed so much. my friends and I could ride our horses everywhere. Even Bellevue Square before the huge remodel that was in 1980 ( before then, it was an open air mall with out the parking garage) .

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    Our housing development has roads with lots of twists, turns, and dead ends. You pretty much have to live there to be able to get in and out unless you live by the entrances/exits. Those are the areas where any crime seems to take place as it's easily accessible and provides a quick escape root. Mostly petty crimes like stealing bikes or hitting mailboxes with bats. There has been two shootings within the last year but it was literally at the same house! One was a drive by and I can't recall the circumstances for the second one. Supposedly a drug house. It's not near me so not much to worry about in regards to that. I feel safe where I live and haven't had any reason not to in the 24 years we've lived there. No problem neighbors on our Court. We tend to keep to ourselves and give a quick wave and Hello if we see each other outside.

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