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Thread: Hiking

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    Got an unexpected fun surprise on my hike today. Went to the trail next to the reclaimed wetlands. The city's general aviation airport is also next to the wetlands and today there was a small airshow with 4 single prop planes! I can't find anything about it online, so I don't think it was announced publicly. (I had a commitment to help a friend with her drip irrigation system afterwards. Otherwise I would've gone out to the airport after my hike to see if they were still there and find out what the story was.) Anyway, first I snapped a couple of pictures and then I got a few videos since they came around three more times. (Imagine the first two pics rotated 90 degrees clockwise to get a better idea of things...)

    airshow 1.jpgairshow 2.jpgairshow 3.jpg

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    Very nice, jp! Surprises like that always add some fun to the day.
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    okay-----all this stuff you kids have posted is very cool. but yeah-----in THE most crime-ridden city in Zurra, we had an active shooter out on the trail, taking random shots at cyclists. so anyway----the po-lice rounded up the thug who did it, and it was sent away to prison for awhile. sometimes, when i go to the park with the huskees, i get either: some bozo wanting to give the doggs chicken bones, or B: someone with a drone swooping down over us. how do you like that? hope that helps you some.
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