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If his last name wasn't biden the plea deal would've been finalized.
If his last name weren't Biden, would his plea agreement include the promise of immunity from prosecution for any additional crimes which may come to light from the DOJ's admittedly "ongoing investigation"?

If I recall correctly, and I'm pretty sure I do, that promise was included in the diversion section of the agreement, a section that normally is not required to be approved by a judge approving or denying the Plea Agreement section. It was only when the Judge questioned whether or not the prosecution had ever seen that sort of thing happen before, and they were forced to admit that No, they had not, did the entire agreement fall apart.

Now, I'm not a legal scholar but it sure appeared to me that the prosecution attempted to shield Mr Biden from any additional crimes which may come up by memorializing that caveat in a section of a favorable plea agreement they did not expect the Judge to review. Is that the sort of thing anyone not named Biden can expect?