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Thread: Committee member for historic house

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    I harken back to feeling teenaged angst when I look at the decorating choices of my parents 50 years ago. A time capsule. Ok, they weren’t awful, but they were not timeless classics either. Red flocked wallpaper. “Antiqued” green woodwork in one room with wall paneling the same color. Orange carpet.

    It is all there in its glory.

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    It’s a great old house. I really love the woodwork. It needs a young family with good DIY skills.

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    I remember how happy I was when I returned to my great-aunt's cottage after 40 years and they had barely touched it. It was exactly the same as I remembered it. And then the next year they sold it, and the new owners razed it. Time marches on, and change is inevitable. Hopefully there will only be good changes in store for your childhood home.
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