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Thread: Job Updates

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    Happystuff, That being AT WORK at 6 am is grueling. At least it is daylight! Enjoy the Fridays!

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    I only had one job where I worked 10 hour days for a year but it wasn’t physical and I was exhausted on Fridays and got nothing done and I was only 40. My job involved a lot of driving to see clients which is why I was out of hours by Friday.

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    That ‘bonus’ tops the one I got years ago. I had been a temp employee for most of the year and brought on full time in October. In December they gave a Christmas bonus of one extra paycheck but mine was prorated for the time I was a permanent employee. As I told a friend at the time ‘I got a bonus in the high two figures!’

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    Another school year is coming to an end. Today marks the first of five 1/2 days for the kids, so that means I now go in at 12:30 instead of 3. Once school ends, we will finish out next week starting at 6:30 a.m and then start our summer hours of 4 by 10 the following week. At least there is a bit of a transition. sigh...
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