The other morning my mother called me up because she was "freezing," and it was "ice cold in this house." I had her check the thermostat, which she said was on 80, her radiators were cold to the touch but since it was possible something was wrong with her furnace, I went over to her house. (I should also mention that it was a pretty mild day, but she is always cold). She must have turned the heat up when checking the thermostat, because when I got there, the heat was on high, radiators were hot, and thermostat was on 85. I fed her breakfast, we did her medications and I went home.
Later in the afternoon, she called me again. "It is so hot in my house, I can't even breathe!" LOL, because sometimes you have to laugh because it beats crying.
I try not to think too hard about all the fossil fuels being consumed by senior citizens living alone in single family houses that are being heated to 80 degrees or more.
Next up is her phone service. I jumped through a lot of hoops and went through a bit of frustration to get her phone service changed from Verizon to Comcast earlier in the year. I did this because she was paying for a "triple play" from Comcast, so phone service would not cost anything extra, and she was paying about $90 per month to Verizon. I was trying to be prudent with her resources. Well the Comcast service has flat-out sucked. She has lost service at least 4 times (it seems to correlate with rainy, windy weather, although that could be a coincidence). So then my 87-year-old mother with Alzheimer's who lives alone, has no phone. I have to go to her house, do a modem restart, spend a hour on the phone with Comcast agents, etc. etc. So long story short, Mom currently has no phone service, Comcast is going out there today, and Verizon is going out there on Friday to switch her phone service back to Verizon. Maybe not the most frugal move, but who can put a price on sanity?
We can theoretically communicate via Alexa, but Mom doesn't seem able to learn how to do this. I gave her a cheat sheet with the following Magic Words:
Alexa, call Rosa
Alexa, answer the phone

We practiced for awhile, but I have no confidence that she can do it without me there to prompt her.