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Thread: Are you preparing for supply chain disruptions?

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    I’ve got an antique bed that is higher than modern beds. I’ve been storing a lot of canned goods and paper goods under the it the last three years. I don’t have much space either.

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    I live in a condo and could go probably 2 months without shopping but I don’t eat nearly as much as when I was younger. Beyond that I am not going to worry about it.

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    It sort of depends on whether a person is preparing for short term shortages or a prepper looking at global catastrophe. I have rice, beans, and legumes to get by for a coupe of months and are easy to store, but my canned goods would run out in a couple of weeks. I'm fairly comfortable with that, but it's probably not sufficient for nuclear disaster, civil war, an even worse pandemic or vampires. There are survivalist web site what sell long term food packages of mostly dry, dehydrated, or irradiated foods with several year shelf lives. I've gone back and forth on those, but so far have not been that concerned.

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