the shooting today on the light rail system in Dallas, and numerous instances of passangers lighting up fentanyl on buses in LA, Seattle, and Portland, and also the light rail systems of LA and Portland? Lately it seems to me that public transportation has become a mirror of what's going on in society - drug use, more belligerant (sp?) passengers and now violence up to and including shootings?

I add a quick personal story that I have yet to share here. Two months ago I had the morning off and there was free Spanish tutoring at Phoenix College so I went - I can practice at home but sometimes I "get it" better in a more school-like situation. So I go to morning tutoring and then afterwards, I walk over to the bus stop on 15th Avenue going North. A woman stands behind me as I'm boarding. She sits directly across from me and starts yelling at me not to record her - I had my phone out and was texting someone. She starts speaking gibberish very loudly and I got up and moved to the back of the bus. This woman follows me, gets in my face like she's going to hit me, and pushes my smartphone out of my hands after making comments about my sexual orientation.

I get off the bus after this and I have not been paying attention to the bus stops but I got off the bus exactly where I wanted to. Luckily, the woman does not get off the bus. I am so grateful. I am not afraid of being assualted by a woman - what I was TERRIFIED of was the police getting involved as they follow the anti male Duluth Model which essentially boils down to women being angels and men being predators. In such a situation I am extremely vulnerable to arrest even though I have done nothing wrong. I was shaking with fear and my stomach wasn't helping as I needed to upchuck and luckily found a parking lot off the street for this. The bus took a good three minutes to leave the bus stop and I am going to guess that this woman acted up on the bus after I left and the driver, who was OK with my being vulnerable to the Duluth Model - perhaps he finally took charge of the situation and told the woman to zip it or get off the bus? At any rate, this is my recent experience with insanity on mass transit.

I really am seriously debating getting a car at this point. Though there is a part of me that wonders had the police gotten involved and had I been arrested for absolutely nothing - could I escalate this to getting out of the US permanently, and more importantly, could I get sufficient media attention for not only the world to know the risk men are in the US due to the Duluth Model, but could something actually be done regarding overturning or at least modifying the Duluth Model? Of course with this I have to factor in that I am making very good money these days - is the money enough to buy my silence, and if so, how do I accept this about myself?

Gotta say - even making decent money - this country leaves an awful awful awful lot to be desired. But I digress - what's your take on mass transit, given the current givens? Rob

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