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Thread: The balance between paying down debt and savings

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    I definitely spend more if I use the credit card, so I have gone more to cash. I think some people have that tendency, but if I did not, it would be great to put it all on a credit card.

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    Reallly wondering if we’re going to get a bonus this year. Last year was the first one I got one. It just shows up in your bank account around 12/20ish or so. It was equivalent of a regular paycheck. I didn’t get one in 2021 as you need to be here a full year before you’re eligible and I’d only been here 9 months. It seems that if business hasn’t been good enough to give you the whole thing, they don’t give you anything. That’s just crappy thinking. Heck, I’d not turn down an extra couple hundred.

    If we do get a bonus, it’s all going on debt.

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