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Thread: Treasury I Bond Interest Rate 5.27% issue date 11/1/23 to 4/30/24

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    Treasury I Bond Interest Rate 5.27% issue date 11/1/23 to 4/30/24

    Today the U S Treasury announced I Bonds issued between now (11/1/23) and 4/30/24 will pay
    1.3% fixed rate, plus a variable rate which will be based on inflation, reset every May and November.

    The fixed rate has been increased today from 0.9% to 1.3%. 1.3% is the highest fixed rate on I Bonds since 2007.

    I Bonds are sold online by Treasury Direct, minimum purchase $25 and maximum purchase $10,000 per Social Security Number per year.

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    I have a few I bonds and will be buying some that I can get back into my account! For some reason my computer no longer had the password saved? Anyway I locked
    myself out and had to call to get it re-set. The Treasury department person was very helpful and I now back in!

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    I wonder if the fixed rate will go higher? I have a few ancient I-bonds with a fixed rate of 1% and have considered them a prize through the days of low interest rates and then high inflation. I think the fixed rate has been even higher going back a little further. Right now it's hard to argue with the 5% my bank is paying for short term CDs and Fidelity money market is about the same. I've not quite figured out a good strategy, but have been looking at longer term index bond funds or something to lock into the good rates while they are here. It's a good time to be a conservative investor, I think.
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