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Thread: Packard coming back

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    Bobby: Do you ever like to eat out at restaurants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosarugosa View Post
    Bobby: Do you ever like to eat out at restaurants?
    Bobby would enjoy this ooey-gooey pizza at this excellent restaurant:



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    okay---yah Ha i see you kids are trolling me, but seriously I could not take a bite o' restaurant food without thinking about my pets at home wondering where i am, when will i be back? plus, money spent on drive-n-eat: "um, is the chickkin' LOCAL?" ha, is money down the drain that could be used to obtain Studebaker-Packard Parts, Chevy Parts, File Cabinets to store "stuff" in, and so on. see? prolly not. ha. bottom line: i'm just not doing fine dining for something to "do". hope thatt helps you some thank mee. but anyway, after two plus days of consulting, thinking, checking my parts bins, etc. i think i've got the solution for the driveshaft dilemma i'm dealing with on my van project. yup. the optimal bestest/cheapest solution, and you know what? summa these people wouldna even addressed the issue; they'd see it as a non-problem until it reared its ugly head somewhere west of laramie, wyoming. yup. oh--it was a trip down memory lane sorting through my driveshafts i've got stored up, including the one i took outta my other van back in 2004(won't fit, btw) and one i got waaay back in 1985. all are priceless, since the wreckin' yards would not even HAVE anya them, by now. nope. so anyway--i'll letcha know how this plays out. hope thatt helps you some thankk mee.

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