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Thread: Urban living not working out due to crime

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    We’ve been seeing a trend of businesses leaving cities that are unable or unwilling to maintain an adequate level of civilization for them to operate safely and profitably.

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    okay----since everyone else had their say and this thread has about run its course, i'll reflect upon the subject.  i'm qualified, since i reside in one of THE most crime-ridden hell holes in the entire country!  yup.  like i tell the spoiled whiners on the fairbanks, ak newbies f-book group: ya just hafta adapt to your environment.  see?  so, yah--situational awareness, do not flash cash in public, avoid controversy(which took me awhile to learn), and stay in after dark, etc.  but yeah--try hard not to let trouble find you. ladies--don't go for a jog in yoga pants at midnight, and stuff.  i know it doesn't fit with the no-victim-blaming notions libs have, but better safe than sorry.  hope that helps you kids.  thankk mee. later. 

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