[QUOTE=befree;435067]For me, there is absolutely no question. The choice is between a president who seems to be taking the most humane, most beneficial course for all Americans (not just the ultra-rich), and for the world in general in a time of possible global war....and a narcissistic, impulsive, lying, megalomaniacal grifter who is out for absolute power and revenge and who doesn't understand or care about economics or global politics, or even common kindergarten virtues of kindness, compromise, sharing, and the Golden Rule. In short, Biden is doing about the best I think anybody could, even though I don't agree w/what he does 100%, and Trump is a destructive nutcase who will take down our country if he regains the helm. I will vote Democrat down the line. Leaving a ballot blank or voting for a 3rd party (RFK, Jr? don't make me laugh) would be tantamount to giving up, IMHO[/QUOTE

Yes. Thank You. Thank You for posting this that made me really think. And I agree. Though I am frustrated with his cognitive decline (which is not his fault, I do get that), he is the better choice. Your description of Trump is dead on and is much more powerful than my fear of Biden's cognitive decline. I WILL vote after all - of course for Biden, there really is no other choice. Though I will say one thing that might surprise a few of you - perhaps it is not a huge tragedy if Trump does get back in office.

Why? Because a Trump Nation is a nation much more likely to split up - hopefully giving us a choice of whatever nation(s) emerge from such a split up. But I'd just as soon have Trump made an unfortunate bizaree asterik in US History. Methinks rising crime and rising homelessness coupled with stingy employers not giving raises that match inflation, and then inflation itself - perhaps we don't need Trump to split this country up - it seems more and more to be headed that way each day anyhow. Rob