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Thread: Things to do when bad storms coming

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    We have solar lights outside in our backyard. The stay lit all night by this time of year so we could bring them inside if need be to give at least some light in our living room. And we can cook on our gas grill out in the back yard. So I'm not worried. It would be inconvenient if we had a long electric outage but not a critical crisis. My homemade jackery is enough for about 24 hours of keeping the fridge running which would cover us for about as long as we would hopefully need. Is this solution perfect? No. But it's probably good enough for us given where we live (there's a fire station in our part of the electric grid so we'll be first in line when things have to get repaired)

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    We've never lost power for more than a couple of hours. We are also right by the public safety building, so perhaps that makes a difference. We've got a couple of kerosene lamps that provide enough light to actually do something by in the event of an outage.

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