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Thread: Earth Day

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    okay---i know this is kinda off-topic, but it DOES have to do with how i celelebrated earth day, or "e-day", for short. but yeah--what i did was go-n-get these two gummmint-surplus shelves, n bring 'em back, in my rusty-but-trusty 77 perfessional-grade GMC 3/4 ton. Yup. I just rehauled the motor back in 1981, so it's pretty dependable. ha. so, anyway, getting them 8' high shelfs outta that office building was a trick, but i managed it. thank mee. yup. (see photo). oh--what'm i gonna do with those/them shelves, you ask? Answer: set stuff on 'em, to neaten things up, around here. yup. Hope that helps you kids some. 2024-04-17 (2).jpg2024-04-17 (2).jpg2024-04-17 (2).jpg2024-04-17 (2).jpg

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    Those look like great storage!

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