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Thread: Are humans becoming redundant?

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    Are humans becoming redundant?

    Yesterday I was walking down the street I live on - in the middle of the street. Not especially bright perhaps, but it happens a lot here. A Waymo driverless car came up to me and I was amazed as the car AUTOMATICALLY moved completely around me and kept right on driving down the road. Amazing and impressive on the one hand - on the other - what's to keep people from the streets when driver type jobs become extinct not too far off?

    This is one huge problem with capitalism that I've even had scattered Conservatives agree with me about - there is entirely too much a focus on short term profit and little to no regard for the consequences of this way of thinking/being. I'm looking forward to jumping in a Waymo one of these days - and I also realize that the United States will be unviable even faster than I thought due to this short sightedness at all levels of society truly making humans more and more irrelevant. I'm 57 - if I live out my statistically expected lifespan, I believe I will live to see consequences play out.

    What do you think? Consequences coming for making humans irrelevant? Rob

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    Welcome to the Industrial Revolution.

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