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Thread: Question About Ways To Have A Nice Smile

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    Question About Ways To Have A Nice Smile

    okay---you gotta have a nice smile; it's a great tool or maybe i should say asset, to get people to be attracted to /like. or trust you. but yeah---what should i do to have a great smile, like this person?(see photo) i need you kidses' advice, even though i know you're VERY concerned about VERY important stuff, like Ukrainia & ALPHABET People & Ol Joe. Yup.2024-05-21 (9).jpg

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    Dental-wise, follow Dr. Ellie's system:

    Restores enamel, heals gum disease, whitens teeth, reverses cavities, eliminates sensitivity. I can bite into ice cream with both top and bottom teeth. They shine like milk glass and look naturally white.

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