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    My knucklehead husband wants to try and dry an ear of corn from our garden in hopes of trying it out for popcorn.

    I think this was discussed in the old forum, but I can't remember the details. (because at the time I thought I would never need to access this information

    Has anyone done this? Did you use a specific variety, or does any type work? How did you dry the corn?
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    You need popping corn to make make popcorn. Different than regular corn. You just grow it till mature and let it dry out and you can pop it. Although you can dry out corn and make roasted corn nuts. I've never popped regular dried corn, so I don't know how that would turn out.

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    I'm actually trying my hand at growing popcorn-corn this year. This variety:

    My dad thought I was nuts but we're big popcorn eaters, and not big regular corn eaters so it made sense to me.

    Although, how to get the dried kernals off the cob will be interesting.

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    I grew popcorn last year for the first time. It was a fun experiment. I just harvested the ears, let them dry in a warm room of the house, and it popped very well. It did take a bit longer to pop, but it was delightful - very light and fluffy. It was a white variety.

    The kernals came off the cobs very easily with just my fingers over a bowl. There was chaff, so I did have to winnow them a bit.

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    I tried this with my dad when I was younger.... We didn't use popping corn either hehe.
    Didn't work at all.

    Now I'm considering it for my little boy. I think he would love helping to make it!

    FYI: The seed sales link you posted above is very useful but has the final ) missing...
    Think I'll try propper popping corn this time around hehe

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