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Thread: Living simply in retirement

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    Living simply in retirement

    This note comes from Abe Aamidor, a former reporter (and union president) at The Indianapolis Star, and author of "Chuck Taylor, All Star: The True Story of the Man Behind the Most Famous Athletic Shoe in History," published by Indiana University Press in 2006, and co-author of "At the Crossroads: Middle America and the Battle to Save the Car Industry," published by ECW Press in 2010. I'm currently working on a book dealing with affordable retirement and one of my chapters will deal with simple living in retirement; others will deal with "aging in place," death and dying, physical fitness, part-time employement and some other topics of interest to seniors. I'm looking to interview retirees who are following a simple living model in their later years and who can share their stories and insights with my prospective readers. My email is aamidor at gmail dot com and my phone is 317 694 7506, and you can most easily read up on my previous books by visiting amazon dot com, then searching by my last name, aamidor. I am a member of this forum. Thanks
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