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Thread: sick from top to bottom?

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    This sounds exactly like my son's symptoms the last few days. The DR said it was a low grade virus. I need to keep an eye on this. I know teenage boys usually don't get fibromyalgia but something odd is going on.
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    I've been feeling sick like that for about six weeks and in my case, it's allergies, specifically to ragweed. It feels like the flu and the only thing that's helped so far is a plain, over-the-counter decongestant I got at Rite Aid (a regional chain like Walgreen's), and a lot of sleep. I hate wasting the fall this way, but that's the way it is. There hasn't been a hay fever season this bad since I moved here eleven years ago.

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    You might also consider food sensitivities... Keep a food diary, and see if there is a correlation with some of these symptoms.

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    This is kind of off the wall, but sometimes when I start feeling really lousy, it is simply because I am very dehydrated. A few glasses of water and I really start to feel OK.

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    Sending a get well wish your way, Sissy.

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