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Thread: It's backup time

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    I back up weekly via One-Click external drive, and I make CD backups of photos and documents on a regular basis. I've also copied a lot of data between computers, so I have duplicate records that way. I recently got an external drive enclosure to see if I could retrieve data on a drive from a defunct computer. Fingers crossed.

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    Glad you brought this up. What is the best method of backup? We have a HP PC w/Windows XP. I backup (flash drive) my Quicken files, buy NOTHING else. With our Tax money I thought we had better invest in what we might need.

    One of the virus' we caught this year and had to take it to Best Buy -- he asked if we had a backup (no) and were there any files we were concerned about losing..."yes, I said - ALL OF THEM"! Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!

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