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Thread: Seeking Helpful information: new substanable homestead project

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    Yes, I agree with Jennipurr - take this in babysteps. Check out the blog Mr. Money Mustache for ways to start budgeting immediately. Mother Earth News has loads of articles on homesteading. This is a huge life change you are taking on, and it sounds very exciting and fun! If your partner is a stay-at-home parent now, you could start homeschooling right away. I've been homeschooling my dd (13) for about 7 years and it is not difficult (scary, and sometimes complicated, but not difficult.)
    Best wishes to you on your journey!

    lHamo - thanks for Penelope Trunk! I am enjoying her homeschooling writing.

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    Hi Bethssammy,

    I totally understand the appeal of having a garden and living more sustainably. I dream of that and hope to make it a reality as well. I don't want to be totally off the grid....I do need my internet and running water.

    Have you thought about living in a yurt while you build something more permanent? If not, you may want to do some research. Of course you might (or might not) run into zoning/permit issues.

    I'm one of those people who loves to look for solutions, explore new ideas and brainstorm! Don't give up on your dream!! I think there are always solutions to everything!

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