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    Esty - Thrift Core

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question. I sell items on e-bay and I generally have success with de-cluttering the items that I inherited from clearing my late mother and late aunts homes. I suppose you would term the items Retro.

    This afternoon I came across, via another Thrifty Living blog, what I think is a division of Esty namely Thrift Core. Is this correct? How does it work? Do you sign up and list items there? Is it easy to do and does it only work Sateside?

    One person's "shop" looked like the contents of my kitchen cupboard!

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    iforonwy, are you talking about Thrift Core's shop on Etsy or the Thrift Core blog?

    If it's the store on Etsy, I think it's items she has found that she is reselling on Etsy. People sell their handmade items, supplies or vintage finds on Etsy, and each seller has a "store," but it is only their own things. Anyone in the world (I think) can sell on Etsy, you set up your own store unless that seller has something she does special where she takes people's items on consignment or something like that.

    Here's their basic "how to sell on Etsy" page. I have mine set to US but they offer the choice to change the country.

    Any other Etsy sellers know anything about it?

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    It's fairly easy to get set up to sell on Etsy, but you do have to do some work to market your store. As Fidgiegirl mentioned Thrift Core is one person's shop on Etsy in a big Vintage category. I think vintage is considered anything that is 20 years old or more but you can double check that in the rules.

    Do a search through other vintage offerings and see if you think you have items that others will want at a price you're willing to sell for.

    The hardest part is getting good photos!

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you fidgiegirl you are fast becoming my mentor! Yes I think I must have found the Thrift Core shop that a lady runs.
    I thought that esty was just for hand-made craft items but will take a look at the vintage finds side to it.

    I will also be taking a look at my vintage scraps of fabric - I used to pass the Laura Ashley factory most weekends back in the 70s and you could buy a big bundle for 1! - and listing some of those on e-bay.

    I will be looking at the "how to sell" pages later today - after I have packed up the e-bay items that need to go to the post today. Those larger sized clothes are selling!

    'im in doors is quite good at getting decent photos for e-bay for me.

    Many thanks.

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