I was almost FI, and then I was FI (in my opinion), and now I'm not. Ever since being included as a case study in the new version of Your Money Or Your Life, and publishing my own book, Dream. Invest. Live., I've been very public about my personal finances. If we're going to remove the taboo we have about discussing money, we have to be willing to talk about such things in public. That's one reason I blog.

I rarely include my blog posts here because they are too long, but this one has some relevant info for people in Washington State that I thought was worth distributing via a link. There's a lot of other stuff in there; but, in particular there are two processes I finally had described to me: the money analysis waterfall, and the foreclosure timeline. I hope to avoid both by making enough money (I'm already frugal enough), but it is a relief to finally have them described to me.

Each state is probably different, and every story is too. I'm interested to see if others have similar info for the other states.

Here's the long version of this episode in my housing story.

One thing is definitely apparent, this process is so bizarre. This can be more confusing than taxes, and with a lot more stress involved (at least for me.)

Please add your story to this thread.