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Thread: Happy 4th!

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    Happy 4th!

    For you US folks. I feel much better this year because the drought's better, the timing is better and the temps are way better. We're taking the new puppy camping so I hope he deals ok. Anyway, just wanted to wish all who are celebrating a good day!

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    Thanks, sounds like you're going to have a fun camping trip! Enjoy!

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    Happy Independence Day! My family is all out of state this year visiting our middle dd. So I ran that local 10K run along with 5,000 of my closest friends. It was great fun.

    Grilling veggie burger for one and then on a long bike ride along the river.

    Nice long call with my family while they are on their summer adventure - I am enjoying the "alone time", just me and the neighbor's cat - but looking forward to their return.

    Happy 4th to everyone!

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    My #2 son and I went kayaking down lake Taneycomo (old White River) early in the day. The water was low - no turbines running at the dam - and slow. We actually had to paddle the whole way so we called my husband to pick us up at a closer ramp than we intended. What was really cool was watching an Eagle family in three different trees. Seemed very 4th'ish to be watching our national bird on our nation's birthday. Other than that I grilled steak and chicken kabobs and then we went to the outdoor theater to watch the play and the fireworks afterward. Next year I'll probably return to our old tradition of just walking up the hill to the scenic overlook where we can watch 3 firework displays at the same time.
    Float On: My "Happy Place" is on my little kayak in the coves of Table Rock Lake.

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